A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas (Day 10)

Welcome to A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas Series! 

For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be posting about my Christmas organization which will include ideas, tips, printable lists and more.  You can read more about the series in detail here.  I want to thoroughly enjoy my favorite time of year and that means eliminating as much of the planning, hosting, & celebrating stress as possible.

*It’s Day 10 of the series!  Day 10 means we’ve done quite a bit and I’m feeling good!  (Is this a workout video?  Feel the burn!)

Here are your tasks for Day 10:

  • Task 1:  Declutter and organize your closet:  Okay, you did the other closets in the home and we can’t ignore your (my) closet.  Yes, this challenge is really for me.  My closet has been a thorn in my side for a long time.  No matter how much time I put into it, I keep things that no longer fit, store things there that have nothing to do with clothing, and let it become a mess more often than I like to admit.  Time to do a little pre-holiday closet organization.  Set the timer for 20 minutes and hang clean clothes, pick up anything on the floor and place it in its home, rearrange clothes for the winter (pack away clothing if that’s what you usually do), and straighten up.  Clean mirrors, organize shoes, toss broken hangers and donate clothes that no longer fit you.  Also, take this time to plan any holiday event outfits you’re going to need in the next few weeks.  Be sure you have everything you need to pull together said outfits–no rushing out at the last minute to find the perfect silver heels. 🙂  You’re done!
  • Task 2:  Plan holiday baking:  If baking plays a large role in the season for you, then it’s time to make your baking plan.  Print out the Baking Planner worksheet and take out your Gift List Planner.  You likely want to bake for yourself/your household in addition to baking for others.  Fill out the Baking Planner noting important ingredients you will need.  Decide how you will spread out your baking (will you bake all at once or spread it out over the month, gifting at different times?) and fill in your “baking day/s” on your Christmas Calendar.  Next, gather all recipes needed and keep them in an easily accessible place.  Then take inventory of ingredients and supplies on hand and add items needed to your grocery/store list.  Some ingredients may be on sale so it might be helpful to purchase all or most items at once to save time and money.  Try to limit your number of trips to the store–We’re trying to simplify and relax this season.  🙂  You’re set for your holiday baking!

Whew, I’m excited about all we’re getting done and it’s not even December.  How about you?  Feeling a little less stressed as we cross items off our to-do lists together?  ♥

xx ~Danielle

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