Our Menu (Week of August 19, 2012)

No, you didn’t wake from a long slumber only to discover it’s Thanksgiving.  🙂  My parents were visiting and we craved, desired, needed a turkey dinner.  And turkey we had!  That led to great leftovers of course and turkey noodle soup…a favorite around these parts.

I took a menu planning break for a few weeks and thought I’d have a plan by Monday night.  Um.

So here’s our menu plan for the week.  Although I’m looking forward to the autumn months, I’m a bit down about the end of delicious fruit and veggies.  Don’t go, dear vegs and fruits!  Stay a bit longer!  I’ve no control, unfortunately, over the end of such food bliss, so we’re filling our bellies up with the dwindling supply this week.

 Here’s what we’re having this week.  I’m going to test some new fall recipes…yay!


Note: I often eat a different breakfast than the ones listed.  For example, lately I eat a bit of Greek yogurt with fresh berries, peaches, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, almondmilk, and a few other ingredients.  It fills me up and is incredibly nutritious.  Just thought I’d share!

  • Cereal, strawberries
  • Sausage and egg cups, mango & strawberries
  • Oatmeal with dried cherries & bananas x 2
  • Mom’s Muffin Doughnuts (by Gooseberry Patch), white nectarines, orange-pineapple juice Continue reading
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