DIY Cozy Cottage Herb Pots

chives and basil labeled

I made a pact with myself recently:  I can only buy new flowers and plants if I care for them like children.  I have a tendency to lose interest in plants if they aren’t hardy and can’t handle a little negligence during the summer heat.  How awful, I know.  I’m growing up though.  I’m going to give it my best shot this spring and summer.

dill top view

I love having fresh herbs on hand to add to dishes, but I hate wasting what I buy from the store.  I also like them to be organic when possible so growing them myself is a bonus.  I have a few things like green onions and rosemary planted out back, but I decided to pot other oft-used herbs to keep right outside my kitchen door.  I think little Munchie will have a good time running out back to pick whatever we need for a meal and enjoy helping mommy tend to them each day with her mini-watering can.

supplies for pots

These “cottage” herb pots require few supplies and little work.  Since I wanted them to be white and a tad shabby (just as a cottage should be), all I needed was terra-cotta pots, white paint, tape, chalkboard spray paint, and a small paintbrush.  Easy!

painted pot just white

First, paint the pots until you get the look you want.  I did one coat and then added a few strokes here and there.  For a little contrast, I left the insides of the trays and pots unpainted.

taped off pot

Once the pots are dry, tape off the area you want as the chalkboard area.  In hindsight, I should’ve left the sides of the tape up to catch more of the spray paint.  As a result, I had specks of chalkboard on either side of the tape.  Also, a bit of the chalkboard spray dripped beneath the tape.  Whoops.

fully painted pots

Once they dried for a couple of hours, I carefully painted over the black.  No big deal.  If you look closely you can see a bit of black beneath some areas, but I don’t mind.  They’re not perfect, but I actually like that about them.  As I said, I like the imperfections the shabby chic and cottage styles embrace.

cilantro pot

I planted cilantro which we adore in Mexican-inspired meals and I’ve learned from my mom that a Taiwanese/Chinese cook has to have cilantro nearby.  I go into a slight panic when cilantro isn’t in the house.  I also love having chives on hand for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Mmm.

basil pot

Have to have fresh basil on hand as well as dill. I only fell in love with dill as an adult, but I often find myself looking for ways to use it.

I’d like to find the perfect little table for them to perch on outside the door.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for something.  Munchie is going to make labeled markers for the pots as well.  Now it’s time to nurture and care for my little plants.  Wish me luck!

labeled complete herb pots all four

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