Organized Home Challenge Catch Up: Week 28-31

Oh boy, I am b-e-h-i-n-d on the Organized Home Challenge.  Anyone else finding it hard to motivate lately? 

Let’s not dwell.  🙂  There’s no way I’m going to catch up on everything this week, but I’ll do the best I can and try to make some headway.  Here are the challenges:

I’ll admit I’m excited about car organization.  I tend to let my little one bring books, dolls, stuffed animals, and more into the car with her and there they stay for longer than I’d like.  My husband sure loves that habit. 🙂 

I’m looking forward to decluttering the car (particularly the backseat) and organizing Munchie’s travel items like coloring books, stickers, & books.  I’ve also wanted to create a better emergency kit for the trunk.  It’ll be nice to check the cars off my to-do list. 

Next up on my list is pet supply organization–because it’s an easy one.  And I need to cross things off my list or I think I’ll slack again.  Keeping it real.

How are you doing with decluttering and organizing this summer?  I think I’ll feel more motivated in cooler weather(nice excuse), how about you?   

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Week #27 Organized Home Challenge: CD and DVD Storage & Organization

I’m crossing my fingers that this week’s challenge is a cinch for you!  We’re organizing our cd and dvd collections.  I’ve wanted to gather up the stray cds in this home for some time now and I suppose there’s no better time than now.

We keep most of the kiddie dvds (and some of my husband’s favorite John Waynes 🙂 ) on the inside of our coat closet door on a rack from The Container Store.  Easy for her to make a choice and grab one.

One thing I’ll be addressing during this challenge is whether I’ll keep cd cases.  I used to be terribly attached to everything in my home, but I no longer feel the need to keep items like cd cases (or most cds).  Besides, we get the majority of our music from iTunes anyhow.

The other organization I need to finally address is the mass of pesky cds and dvds that come with computers and printers.  Why do I have 60 million of those in my office?  Do I even need those?  Do you keep those?  I’m guessing I should keep them, but sheesh, they drive me up a wall!

No jabbering on about this challenge–I know everyone is busy this week and ready to relax on the 4th! 🙂  So I’m getting to it and hope you’ll let me know how you’re doing.

Do you keep cd cases or do you toss them?  How do you organize your cd and dvd collections?

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Week #26 Organized Home Challenge: Books, books, books!

I have books all over my home.  All. Over.  I once had a personal rule that I would never get rid of any of my precious books.

A few of my beloved Susan Branch books.  NOT donating these.

Why would I keep books I don’t even like?  I threw that rule out the window years ago, but I still have more books I could donate or pass along to someone who might enjoy them.  Why not even share some books I’ve enjoyed?  Why only purge books I don’t like? Continue reading

Week #24 & #25 Organized Home Challenge: More Laundry Organization & Purses!

I’m combining challenges this week because…well, I didn’t post last week’s.  But this week’s will be a breeze.

Although we already did laundry room organization there is one more step to it: putting a system in place to gather dirty clothes and return them to their “home” once cleaned.  Simple?  Maybe.  But if you’ve ever found clothes strewn about your closet (guilty) or other areas of your home (guilty) then you might find it helpful to check out this challenge.

In addition, the other challenge to tackle this week is organizing purses, wallets, and handbags.  There are suggestions for organizing these containers which you can read here.  My wallet usually needs a monthly declutter, but I try to clean out my purse each week (or when I switch to a different bag), but I think I should look into this challenge and see if there’s a tip I’ll be glad I found.

My question kind of relates to the challenge (but I’m actually just curious and nosy): Do you switch purses daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or do you switch purses for every different event/occasion throughout the week?

Best of luck!

Week #23 Organized Home Challenge: Laundry Room Organization

I’m hoping that this week’s challenge (which I’m 3 days behind posting) is a snap for most: laundry room organization.  Whether you have a large laundry room, a small space, or your washer and dryer in the garage this challenge offers ways to organize, decorate, and make the most of this often used, but largely ignored space.

I have ample storage in our laundry room, but am working on cozying it up.  My dear friend Jes is such a decorating/design talent so I’m taking inspiration from her lovely (yes, it’s lovely) laundry room (she recently moved and I’m jealous of whoever is enjoying her pretty laundry room.  I’m sure her new laundry room is just as delightful).  With her vintage hampers, bright rug, and cute wall art, she made her laundry room a pleasant place to wash, dry, & fold clothes.  If I had a pic, I’d post it, but I’m working off memory here.

So with that in mind, I’ve found a cute rug for my space and am deciding on wainscoting or painting our laundry room.  Hmmm.  Then I’ll conquer wall art and a little more decor.

Is your laundry room a happy, organized place? Or could you care less about it and simply get in and out as fast as you can? 🙂

Best of luck on this challenge!

Week #22 Organized Home Challenge: Dining Room Organization

It’s back already–the next challenge.  I think this one might be an easy one for most folks: the dining room and other eating areas in your home such as a breakfast nook or kitchen eating area/table.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with this challenge.  Yippee skippy!

If you use your dining room or kitchen table for other activities like crafts, homework hour, or a home office you might consider working on decluttering and organizing these spaces/areas.  And as much as it’s great to use these areas for various activities, this challenge is the perfect time to make sure it’s also set up for eating–Are you using it for its true purpose?  Gathering the family around the table for meals.  A special time to connect, laugh, & make memories.

Hope this is a simple challenge for all!  Let me know how you’re doing on the challenges?  I could use some motivation!

Week #21 Organized Home Challenge: Living Room/Family Room Organization

Due to the break we had from the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge two weeks ago, we’re doubling up this week and working on family/living organization as well as entryway organization.

I’m slowly giving our family room a makeover.  So I’ll declutter a bit and deal with some stray toys, but other than that, not much to do for this challenge.  Phew.  I’ve got enough on my to-do list this week without adding a huge task to it.  However, other areas of my home are begging for some organization (or re-organization since they were previously organized..ugh) and I’m not headed to recess yet.

Best of luck on your home organization!

Week #20 Organized Home Challenge: Mudroom & Entryway Organization

We had a little break from 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge last week, therefore we’re only on week #20 this week and we’ll be able to start #21 on Thursday–then we’ll be back on track.

And I keep saying “we” although I’m not sure anyone is doing the challenge with me anymore.  😦 Anyone?  Anyone?

I’ve got some catching up to do when it comes to these challenges as well as some other “life” tasks.  I’d like to really–I mean REALLY–catch up on household organization this week.  I’ll keep my camera handy so I can document my befores and afters.

This week’s challenge focuses on mudroom (if ya have one) and entryway organization.  Coincidentally, I’m working on redecorating my entryway area so hopefully I’ll be ahead of the game before Thursday.

Wish me luck!  And the same to you (anyone?)!

Week #19 Organized Home Challenge: First Aid & Medicine Organizer Center

It’s all about first aid and medicine organization in week #19 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  It’s suggested that you consider moving these supplies out of the bathroom since the varying temps and humidity aren’t ideal for medicine, etc.  Probably.  But I can’t think of a place I’d rather store all our first aid and medicine.  We have these items split between our 2 upstairs bathrooms.

Time to think on this one and then take action so I can cross this task off my list quickly.

What do you think?  Do you store first aid and medicine in your bathrooms or do you have another doc-spot in your home?

Good luck on this challenge!

Week #18 Organized Home Challenge: Bathroom Organization

Bathroom organization is Week #18’s challenge in Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  It’s suggested that you work on one bathroom at a time, but try to get to them all during the challenge.

I just reorganized our master bathroom last week and I realized something–I could care less about having 2 sinks in the master.  It’s just an extra sink for me to clean and my husband and I are rarely at the sinks at the same time.  I’d like to tell the young House Hunters couples who insist on 2 sinks to reconsider that “need” before letting it be the deal breaker on their home choice.

I think I might be alone in this.

Good luck on this challenge!  Let me know how it goes!  Why am I shouting!

Week #17 Organized Home Challenge: Create A House Cleaning Schedule & Organize Cleaning Supplies

Week #17 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge is all about cleaning house.  Time to create a schedule for cleaning and organize cleaning supplies.

Truth be told, I’m still working on our office.  I feel like I’m always working on our office.  I suspect it’s because I don’t like our office set-up which throws me off and then it becomes a wreck before I know it.  But because I already have a cleaning schedule (daily and weekly) and recently re-organized our cleaning supplies, I’m going to take this week to forge through last week’s challenge instead.

I’ll share some of my organizing tools this week for keeping my home clean.  Having small daily tasks and then a couple larger tasks for the week really helps me keep a clean house (most of the time :)).  Though this week’s challenge isn’t about decluttering or organizing a room, a clean house results in a much more relaxing and “organized” home for me.  And when my home feels fresh and clean, I find it easier to maintain organization!  How about you?

How do you keep on top of your household cleaning?

Week #16 Organized Home Challenge: Home Office Organization

Week #16 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge focuses on home office organization.  Dread.

I shouldn’t dread it.  I should just tackle it.  The Organized Home Challenge has already addressed the mail center, organizing home files, and organizing bills so that should make it easier, but I use our office as a dumping ground.  If I don’t know where to put something, I drop it in the office.  If I don’t feel like filing paperwork immediately, I drop it in the office instead of just sticking it right in the proper office file. 

It’s time–I’ll organize and declutter the office COMPLETELY this week. 

How does your office work for you?  Do you need to clean it up and organize or are you mocking people like me who will be spending a good amount of time on this week’s challenge?

Week #15 Organized Home Challenge: Organize Passwords, Warranties & Manuals

Week #15 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge is already upon me.  Thankfully, it’s one I think I can complete fairly easily this week.  Whew.

This week I (or we if you’re joining the challenges) will be organizing all passwords, warranties (bleh), and manuals (ugh).  I have to say that as much as I loathe the warranties and manuals I shove into a file, I’m glad to be organizing them.  Since I have 483 million passwords (yes, that many), I will certainly benefit from organizing them.  There are software programs & phone apps you can use to organize your passwords, but I’m going to stick with the old-fashioned way–pen and paper. 

And those manuals….I’ll get to those after I’m on a password organization high.  Baby steps.

Hope you’re finding the challenges helpful and good luck with this week’s!

Week #14 Organized Home Challenge: Magazine and Newspapers

Week #14 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge has arrived!  What!  How is it April?  How?!

Time to get over that and just focus on the task at hand: dealing with any magazines and newspapers your abode has accumulated.  This week’s challenge is all about your magazines and newspapers


That’s what I would’ve said last month, but as I’ve mentioned, I just completed my magazine purge.  It wasn’t easy.  I didn’t have this challenge’s guidelines to help me so I didn’t donate them (I recycled and passed some on to friends) or file the tear-outs in my home filing system (I’ll have to deal with my tear-outs. Right now they’re in a binder).  I’ll also have to follow the instructions for putting an end to mass amounts of junk mail being sent to me.  I did that years ago, but I think it might be a more effective process today. 

Are you a fellow magazine addict?  Do you have to rip pages out of each issue before tossing them or are you able to release them to the recycling bin without a second thought? 

Good luck with this week’s challenge!

Week #13 Organized Home Challenge: How To Organize Files In Your Home

Welcome to week #13 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge!  This week, as stated in the challenge, culminates several weeks worth of work.  So you might already be on your way to finishing this challenge up. 

I have some work to do with our filing and I like this challenge which offers a few tips that will help me clean out a bit more of the filing.  I tend to keep paperwork for longer than necessary (paranoia) and this is a good time for me to shred and toss a lot of that clutter.  The challenge offers suggested typical home file categories (I have a few of these categories combined into one file which is a pain in the neck when I’m in a rush) so I’ll be re-categorizing this week as well.

How are you doing on the challenges?  Is your whole office system already running smoothly or do you have a bit of work to do as well?  Oh and next week’s challenge deals with magazines and newspapers–I’m ahead of the game!  My magazine purge is complete!!!

Week #12 Organized Home Challenge, Plus Week #4 Picture Update (ugh)

It’s week #12 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Time to create a personal tax organizer system and organize your receipts.  Chances are you did one or both of these tasks when you organized your bills or mail center.  If that’s the case then I virtual high-five you and say Congrats!  For those of us who have a little work to do, no problem–with tax season in full effect, this is a great time to set up or reorganize both areas.  Best of luck to you!

Week 4 Update: Freezer organization

I was tempted to organize the freezer a tad before taking the “before” shots.  Of course, I couldn’t do that.  I promised I would be honest and real with myself (and my blog) on my self-discipline and accountability adventure.   Sometimes I’d rather not though.  But here we go… Continue reading

Week #11 Organized Home Challenge: How to Organize Bills

Here we go with week #11 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Your mission or challenge for this week is all about bill organization. Having a working system that leaves little room for late fees, lost paperwork, and clutter.

I like that these challenges piggyback off earlier weeks.  So although I should be done cleaning up my mail center, I’ll finish it up today and then move to the bill organization in the same area as my mail center.  Kind of like two birds with one stone.  Kind of.

Good luck with the challenge!  Do you enjoy seeing before and after pictures of these type of projects?

Week #10 Organized Home Challenge: Create a Home Mail Organizer Center

Yesterday I forgot to post this week’s challenge for Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Better late than never!  The challenge for week 10 is to create a home mail organizer center.  I’m hoping this is an easy week for most of you because you probably have some version of a mail center in your home already.  Maybe you just need to clean it up or tweak your center a bit to reveal its full potential:)

Throughout 2012 I’ve attempted to rid my home of paper clutter (as well as all clutter, but paper clutter takes the cake here).  Much of this paper clutter ends up in our office where the mail center is.  Not good.  This week I think I will finally just tackle the mail center regardless of the state of the rest of the office.  Focus!

I’ve slacked with pictures on my decluttering progress and Organized Home Challenges so I will get back to pictures this week.  I hope you will share your progress (and pics?) as well!  And a shout out to the lovely Purple Pixie in Dixie who has joined the challenge and already kicking butt!  Go girl!

Week #9 Organized Home Challenge: Create Address Book & Organize Contact Information

Oh man, it’s already week 9 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Are we 9 weeks into 2012 already?!

Time to create a simple address book and organize all contact information.  Whether you have information on your phone or keep an address book in your home office, it should be up to date, accurate, and complete.   I am one of those people who doesn’t like to put addresses and such in my phone.   I like to write things down.  I like to turn pages and make little notes next to the names like ” favorite dessert–pineapple upside down cake.”  So I’ll stick with updating my address book and business card file.  Yes, business card file–anyone else still have one of those?

No matter how you organize your contact information, this challenge is a small yet important one:  no more last-minute, panicked digging through junk drawers for that phone number you scribbled on an atm receipt and swore you wouldn’t lose –get your paper, electronic, or hybrid method figured out and get to it!

Week #8 Organized Home Challenge: Healthy Meal Planning & Grocery List

Week 8 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge is getting into the habit of healthy meal planning and creating grocery list before hitting up the market.  I love this challenge because I can always use pointers and new tips when it comes to meal planning.  My planning system works for me (most of the time), but there are certainly areas I can tweak and adjust.

Do you have a system for meal planning or do you just play it by ear and see how your day/week is going before you get cookin’?

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