A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas (Day 13)

Welcome to A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas Series! 

For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be posting about my Christmas organization which will include ideas, tips, printable lists and more.  You can read more about the series in detail here.  I want to thoroughly enjoy my favorite time of year and that means eliminating as much of the planning, hosting, & celebrating stress as possible.

*It’s Day 13 of the series and we’re almost done!  Just a few more things to cross off our lists and then it’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of December.

Here are your tasks for Day 13:

  • Task 1:  Guest Room & Office Space:  Guest Room:  If you plan on having overnight guests this month, it’s a good idea to get your “guest” space ready.  You might not have a guest room, but you can still alter this task to prepare whatever space you use for guests.  I’ll write the task as if it’s a bedroom:  Set the timer for 20 minutes and declutter the space.  Put items in their homes.  Wash/change sheets, fluff bedding.  Put an extra blanket out for cold nights.  Dust and wipe down furniture, mirrors, and windows.  Add a few extra hangers to a closet–your guests will appreciate even a very small space in a closet to hang a few items.  Vacuum/mop.  Have light reading (magazines, novels, cookbooks 🙂 available on a nightstand or small table.  You can add other welcoming touches just before guests arrive like water, flowers, and snacks.

Office Space/Room: Set the timer for 15 minutes and do a quick declutter and clean up of your office/office space.  File papers, put stray items away, dust and wipe down surfaces.  Toss/recycle/shred papers no longer needed.  Disinfect/wipe down computer.  Straighten bookshelves and drawers.  Vacuum/mop.

  • Task 2: Continue shopping for/creating gifts:  I know you’re working on this area, but I included it as a reminder.  Don’t forget to check deals online, store circulars, etc.  Also, if you’re creating/making any gifts, be sure to check for coupons for craft and grocery stores.  There are great deals to be had if you do a little research before heading out.
  • Task 3:  Maintenance:  A reminder to do your daily 15 minute maintenance.   You can read about it here.  Basically, set the timer for 15 minutes at the end of the day/night, enlist family helpers if possible, and tidy up the home before bedtime.  Dishes, wipe down counters, pick up toys, etc.  We’ve done so much organizing and cleaning–keep up the simple maintenance of your home so you don’t reverse all that hard work!  Do this even on weekends.

The majority of work is done!  How are you doing on your Christmas prep?  ♥

xx ~Danielle

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  1. Just getting caught up on your Christmas series! Maybe if I had started at the beginning I would have had time to keep up! Haha! Being a fellow lover of organization, I’m finding we do many of the same things to prep for the holidays. I do love your printables though – very handy to keep everything organized!! Great series – I’m loving seeing the similarities we have in getting ready for the holidays as well as gaining new ideas and tools! Thanks and great work Danielle! 🙂

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