A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas (Day 12)

Welcome to A Cozycakes Christmas: My Organized Christmas Series! 

For the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be posting about my Christmas organization which will include ideas, tips, printable lists and more.  You can read more about the series in detail here.  I want to thoroughly enjoy my favorite time of year and that means eliminating as much of the planning, hosting, & celebrating stress as possible.

*It’s Day 12 of the series and since it’s Friday, I won’t post tasks on Saturday & Sunday.  However, since today’s task covers all bathrooms in your home, you might need to spend a few minutes on it over the weekend as well.  If you only have 1 bathroom, you’re golden. 🙂  And we’re off!

Here are your tasks for Day 12:

  • Task 1:  Clean and declutter bathrooms:  You can choose how you want to handle this task if you have more than one bathroom.  Maybe you want to declutter each bathroom and then tackle cleaning all of them.  Maybe you’d rather complete one whole bathroom before moving on to the next.  Your call.  I’ll write the task for one bathroom and you go from there: Begin with your medicine cabinet.  Toss expired products.  Wipe down shelves and organize cabinet.  Take note of any winter items you might need such as cough medicine.  Empty bathroom drawers and cupboards, tossing expired and broken items, donating extras or unused items.  Wipe out drawers and cupboards before refilling them.  Clear counters of clutter and place items in their homes.  Leave out only what is necessary.  Check the shower and bathtub for grimy toys that should be tossed or washed.  Toss any trash like dull razors and empty shampoo bottles.  Toss/share/remove magazines or books you’ve read.

Next, deep clean the bathroom.  Scrub the inside and outside of the toilet, clean windows and glass, clean shower, tub, sink, and counters.  Wipe down the outside of cupboards and baseboards.  Vacuum/mop floor.  Dust/clean fixtures.  Empty trash.  Whew–finished!

  • Task 2: Continue shopping for/creating gifts:  I know you’re working on this area, but I included it as a reminder.  Don’t forget to check deals online, store circulars, etc.  Also, if you’re creating/making any gifts, be sure to check for coupons for craft and grocery stores.  There are great deals to be had if you do a little research before heading out.
  • Task 3:  Maintenance:  A reminder to do your daily 15 minute maintenance.   You can read about it here.  Basically, set the timer for 15 minutes at the end of the day/night, enlist family helpers if possible, and tidy up the home before bedtime.  Dishes, wipe down counters, pick up toys, etc.  We’ve done so much organizing and cleaning–keep up the simple maintenance of your home so you don’t reverse all that hard work!  Do this even on weekends.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you back here for Day 13 on Monday.  Happy Holidays! ♥

xx ~Danielle

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