Making Your Home a Haven: Week 4

It’s the 4th and last week of Women Living Well’s Making Your Home a Haven: 31 Day Fall Challenge.  Here’s the challenge as written by Courtney of Women Living Well:

Decorate! The holidays are upon us. Ann Voskamp says “Creating is good theology. In the beginning God created.” Be creative as you make your home warm, cozy and inviting for the holidays. Think about ways you can keep Christ in Christmas even in the way you decorate.  Decorate – to the glory of God!

I’m finishing up some cleaning today and Munchie is eager to decorate for Christmas.  The candle is glowing, the Christmas music playing softly and Munchie’s happy squeals and giggles fill the house.  How thankful I am that I have a home to call my own–a place to create traditions this season.  Wherever your home is, whatever the size, you can decorate it to fit YOU and make it all yours.  Take a little time this week to decorate for the season and feel the spirit of Christmas grow around you.

I’m a bit sad that this is the last week of the Making Your Home a Haven series.  It has encouraged and inspired me.  And, in some ways, calmed me.  Those close to me, know I can be an anxious and nervous gal.  That’s a huge part of why I started my organized Christmas series this year and why I strive to be as organized as possible.  It truly helps calm my soul.  I plan to keep up these challenges all season and into the new year.  Won’t you join me?

As Courtney said, it’s not the things you do or don’t have that make your home a haven–YOU are the key to making your home a haven.  🙂  Light your candle, turn on the music, and let Christmas into your home with home cooking and decorating.  ♥

Have you joined this challenge yet?  It’s not too late to begin!

xx ~Danielle



  1. LOVED this series. I love decorating for Christmas. I’m sure you couldn’t tell huh Danielle. 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures of your Christmas cottage! 🙂 HUGS

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