Making Your Home a Haven: Week 1

Yesterday morning I saw that my very organized friend, Erin (you are, don’t say you’re not!), who blogs over at My Mommy World joined Women Living Well’s Making Your Home a Haven: 31 Day Fall Challenge.  I love these types of challenges because 1) I’m competing against and pushing myself and 2) My family as well as my soul benefits.  So…I’m in!

I’m a week behind, but no worries.  I started Week 1 yesterday and will start Week 2 right on time.  See?  No one to scold or  shout at me to “RUN, RUN HARDER!” (That’s how I picture a personal trainer challenging me and I cringe at the thought.)

For Week 1’s challenge, Courtney (the gal behind Women Living Well) suggests we get a large candle, choose a spot for it in your home, and light it daily.  Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home. 

I love this challenge.   I like the reminder to take a moment to say a prayer during the day.  And, as Courtney states, it’s not the things you do or don’t have that make your home a haven–YOU are the key to making your home a haven.  🙂

I chose to put my candle on my mantle for the weekend.  As we pass through our family room a gazillion times each day, we have a gentle reminder of the blessing of our home and I can say my prayer for peace many times a day.  I strive to make my home a haven for my family and for those dear friends who stop in.  But I often find myself frustrated with piles of clutter or rushing to clean up quickly when someone calls to say they’re stopping by.  I like this simple gesture, the tangible reminder–the lit candle–telling me that I have control over the mood and feel of my home.  And I’m choosing to make it a warm, welcoming haven for those I love and those in need.

What makes YOUR home a haven?  What do you do to make your home a comfortable place for those you love?

xx ~Danielle



  1. Lots of books on the shelf and lots of pillows on the couch.

  2. I like to have our home tidy and everything in its place. My family has come to appreciate this and the few times things get out of control, so do THEY! Great post. I like the candle idea tremendously!

  3. I love this challenge series at Women living Well! I did it all week so far and loved having the candle lit as a reminder to pray for peace. My husband loves the way the house smells with candles so he loves it too!

    • I like that your husband enjoys the candles! I’ll have to see if my husband will comment as I continue to light it this week. 🙂 I’m so happy I jumped on the wagon with this challenge–so encouraging!

  4. I LOVE this post and idea…remembering that I am what will make this home a haven. Can I just say how inspiring you are for constantly striving for new challenges when you seem to pretty much have it all down already? Now excuse me, I’m off to light the cute Autumn/Acorn candle I get out every year and never light! Then I will drop by unannounced because your house looks so inviting and cozy (j/k!).

    • You SHOULD have dropped by! LOL you crack me up! Did you light your acorn candle? How cute, I love acorn decor (I really do). And I think I must throw off some “together” vibe to you on occasion, but I do not have it all down, missy! Think back….think back through all the days you’ve known me…haha! 🙂 This is a fun challenge though, isn’t it? xxx See you Tuesday!

  5. I’m not organized…I’m not, I’m not! lol But isn’t it wonderful how such a simple little candle can make such a huge difference in your home? It’s amazing, and I plan to keep using it.

    By the way, LOVE your little pumpkin doll on the mantle. Just adorable 🙂

    • I don’t believe you for one second, Erin! 🙂 But I’m so glad you posted about the series because it has really inspired me this weekend. Plus, I ended up cleaning the whole house because of that candle….ahhh. Thank you about the pumpkin doll–I have a boy version, but Munchie wanted it by the front door so, alas, the little couple is separated. haha!

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