Favorite Things Friday: Quenching My Cherry Lime Thirst

Happy FridayAnd let me tell you–I’m especially thrilled that it’s Friday.  Bring on the weekend.

It’s Favorite Things Friday!

Just a quick and simple weekly post where I share some of my favorite things.  I welcome you to share YOUR current favorites, too–so that I can add more items to my “to buy”, “to make”, “to love” lists. 😉

Today’s Favorite Thing

Torani Cherry Lime Flavoring Syrup.  Yum.  I’m sure many of you have had an Italian cream soda featuring a Torani syrup.  They’re a common offering today in restaurants.  I like one now and then, but my admiration is for this particular cherry lime flavor.  The cherry with a bit of tart lime adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to beverages, virgin & non-virgin. 🙂  A popular restaurant has a delicious adult beverage on the menu with this in it, but my favorite way to enjoy the sugary treat is much simpler than that.

How simple?  I grab a caffeine-free, citrus-flavored, carbonated soft drink, fill a glass with ice, pour the soft drink in, add a splash of cherry lime syrup, squeeze a bit of fresh lime in, pop in a straw and voilà!  I’m sipping on a refreshing drink (needed in this heat. in. late. SEPTEMBER) in under a minute’s prep time.  Can’t beat that!

I’ve made milkshakes with this syrup, a cocktail with cherry vodka, and more.  Endless possibilities.  Got a snow-cone machine?  Perfect, use this syrup!  I’m sure my love for this stems from the lime addition.  Cherry is great and all, but when you add a bit of  lime pizzazz to something?  I usually fall in love.  🙂

When I was taking the pictures for this post, I turned around to find my little Munchie had tried to create her own beverage.

Aw, cutie pie.  She filled a glass with water, plopped in half a lime, and added a straw.  She’s never had any type of soda even those of the caffeine-free variety, but I couldn’t resist watering a bit of the soda down and making her a mini thirst quencher, too.  How could I not?  She’s too adorable!

There you have a simple favorite in the beverage department–Cherry Lime syrup. If you haven’t tried it, I’d highly recommend it.  Torani syrups are available in many stores and you can find great deals at World Market where they’re often on sale.

What’s your favorite easy beverage ingredient?  Please share–I’d love to try your thirst quencher!

Thanks for stopping in for Favorite Things Friday!




  1. I don’t really have a favorite simple drink… unless you count Dt. Coke… just pop the top open ☺ I think that is so adorable that Munchie was imitating your drink with her own… I ♥ when kiddos do that. It is too cute ☺

  2. Aww! Munchie’s drink is so cute! Precious, precious girl.
    Your drink looks fab too. I bet it would taste great, sitting out on the porch here in this lovely 70-degree weather. 😀 You’re invited.

  3. Syrups are a very versatile ingredient, although I have to admit I’ve never tried to use any myself!
    When I lived in France, one of my favourite drinks when out and about was ‘un Monaco’ which consisted of a little beer (so not one for your daughter just yet) with lemonade and pomegranate syrup.

  4. I’m really boring, my favorite drink is ice water. Yours looks really good!

  5. Looks delicious! And refreshing! Your pictures are perfection too.

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