Our Menu (Week of August 26, 2012)

It’s back-to-school time and although I don’t have any “big” kids, my 3-year-old is headed back to preschool soon.  She only goes for 3 hours, 3 days a week, but that’s one more day than last year and I miss her already.  It gives my heart a wee ache; mainly because I’m trying to slow down the clock and this ain’t helpin’!  I’d keep her home with me til kindergarten (or till forever), but she’s at an amazing school and we’ve had the most wonderful experience there.  I can’t keep her from the love, fun, & learning.  It wouldn’t be right. 🙂

Easy beef mushroom stroganoff

My point about back-to-school is that I’ve the urge for more comfort meals and creativity in the kitchen.  I especially like to fill Munchie’s belly up with good breakfasts and lunches before she heads off to afternoon preschool.  And since she is WIPED when she returns (I can barely get her to stay awake for dinner on school days) I love to have dinner ready to go for her by 5.  That’s where good preparation and my slow cooker come in handy.

Munchie doesn’t start until after Labor Day, but I’m using this week to get in the groove and get us off our lazy dazy summer schedule.  Yikes!  I love autumn dearly, but where did summer go?

Here’s what’s going down in my kitchen this week (with some carryover from last week..oops!).  You’ll see I pulled out a couple of my favorite fall Gooseberry Patch books to get in the proper spirit. 🙂


Note: I often eat a different breakfast than the ones I feed my family.  For example, lately I eat a bit of Greek yogurt with fresh berries, peaches, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, almondmilk, and a few other ingredients.  It fills me up and is incredibly nutritious.  Just thought I’d share!

  • Eggs, toast, cereal, strawberries
  • Warm & Cozy Oatmeal (by Gooseberry Patch)  x 2
  • Texas-style breakfast casserole (by Gooseberry Patch), smoothies x 2
  • Apple scones with Devonshire cream, hot chocolate/tea, melon
  • Bacon, applesauce muffins, fruit


  • Baked potato bar, fruit salad
  • Chicken salad, mango, lemonade
  • Ham and cheese puffs, melon, lemonade
  • Easy homemade mac with broccoli, yogurt, banana & berries
  • PB and homemade jam sandwiches, fruit salad
  • Leftovers plus fruit x 2


  • Easy ground beef stroganoff
  • Slow cooker chicken burritos, Texas caviar (by Gooseberry Patch)
  • Baked ziti, broccoli, garlic parmesan knots
  • Hubby’s Chili(will try it in the slow cooker), honey cornbread
  • Parmesan pork chop bake (by Gooseberry Patch), spinach salad, smashed red potatoes & roasted mushrooms
  • Dinner out
  • Leftovers Night

Snacks, Desserts, & Fun Extras

  • Summer fruit & raw veggies
  • Double crunch bars (by Gooseberry Patch)
  • Cinnamon flop cake

Freezer Cooking & DIY Session:  I don’t do a traditional once-a-month session, but generally choose 2 or 3 recipes. 

  • Still working on my fall freezer cooking game plan. 🙂  A little slooooow over here.

*For great menu ideas and plans, stop by Menu Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie and On the Menu Monday at Stone Gable.



  1. 🙂

  2. Your dinners look good. I just can’t wait for fall. I love to make soups and yummy crock pot meals. You are more creative on your lunches than I am. I may have to start planning my lunches better. I usually plan on sandwiches or leftovers if we have them. We are having scones for breakfast too and I need to make up some more of our muffin packages for the pantry. Have a great week.

    • Do you prep the muffin ingredients and store them in the pantry for easy baking in the mornings? Love that. Happy there are other autumn-lovers out there! I try to snaz up our lunches, but sometimes it’s very basic which is why I leave room for leftovers and my daughter’s fave pb and peach jam sandwiches 🙂

  3. Your menu looks fabulous. I like your beef stroganoff recipe! I’m needing to work on my freezer cooking too!! I can’t wait to see what your game plan will be!

  4. I love beef stroganoff–I’ll have to try that recipe!

  5. Mmmmm…parmesan pork chop bake sounds sooooo good right now! I’m starving!

  6. With all of these Gooseberry Patch recipes, I may have to pick those books up ☺. They always sound so good!

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