Enchanted Cottage~Playhouse Dream

Earlier this summer we spent time visiting my family and one day stopped by a dear family friend’s home for lunch and chat.  To my little Munchie’s delight she had the opportunity (and what an opportunity it is for a child) to play in this custom built playhouse.

Such a touch of whimsy, this cottage playhouse.

Built for our friend’s grandchildren, such care was taken in the design and execution of this precious house.  The antique stained glass is from a restaurant the family owned for many years.  I’m so glad they saved it from destruction and placed it in the perfect new home.

Put to good use I’d say.  Look at the lantern with its own stained glass.  I sigh repeatedly.

A sweet girl welcomes you to the cottage.

You need a light to guide you to the dutch door at nightfall.

A grazing friend just beyond the low fence adds another unintentional touch of charm and warmth to the idyllic scene.

The cottage sees few children these days as our friend’s grandchildren are past prime playhouse age, but I was so touched that she faced the summer heat wave to dust and clean it for Munchie’s pleasure.  I must add that it is has air conditioning. 🙂  Didn’t I say such care was taken in the design? 

Watch your step and take a little help from a hospitable, intricate stepping stone.  Now let’s step inside…

There’s a darling loft that tempts children and adults alike.

Downstairs houses a hand-painted dining table perfect for enjoying tasty snacks and playing a friendly game.

One day our dear friend’s great-grandchildren will run through the cottage, laughing, pretending, making memories.

They’ll play house…

Making meals and taking dinner orders…

Scurry up the ladder stairs…

Read stories of adventure, love, & friendhsip at dusk by the light of the hanging lamp…

Daydream as they gaze at the stained glass, counting shapes as the breezy minutes float by…

Cuddle up on the floral sofa with special friends…

Doing what kiddos do best–keeping it carefree, simple, innocent.  And one day they’ll share stories and pictures of this special spot from their childhood.

Just as my little one is sharing her adventures with others already.

It was so very hard to say goodbye and close the door on this magical place.  But I find such contentment in knowing that other little ones will soon make this cottage their “home” and carry on the tradition of carefree play and childhood merriment.

I know I would’ve spent hours upon hours in this playhouse as a child.  “Pretend” was my favorite game.  I hope you enjoyed our cottage playhouse tour and now would you share your favorite childhood pastime with us?



  1. wow! That is awesome!!

  2. Great playhouse! Fun..

  3. So cute!

  4. Love that house! My favorite child-hood past time was pretending to be some kind of professional, like a vet or teacher, or carry around my dad’s brief case and pretend I was somebody very important;)

    • hahaha! I love that! I liked when my dad brought home old stamps and I’d pretend I was a librarian (remember when they actually stamped the inside book envelope?) or a postal worker 🙂

  5. Love it!!! I wanna live there.

  6. Wow. Your writing juices must have especially been flowing in this post. I felt like I was reading a brochure and now I want to visit! Such a huge step up from the walk-in closet at my friend’s house where we formed a club which consisted mostly of eating snacks until it got too hot in there 😉

    • LOL!!!!!!! I laughed so hard when I read this when I woke from a weird dream this morning (tmi). I used to read in my closet (not a walk-in) as I sat in a giant cardboard box with a flashlight until I also began sweating or my mom shouted for me to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! 🙂

  7. oh my goodness! Dreamy!

  8. Erin @ My Mommy World says:

    Wow, that’s the nicest playhouse I’ve ever seen!

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