Danielle Lazy Bones

Guilty as charged.  After returning from vacation and good times with my family, I fell into a hole and succumbed to summer lazy bones syndrome.  And I’ve yet to crawl my way out of the hole.  And I’m not sure I want to.

Summer’s been packed with things to do and people to see.  And though I’ve truly enjoyed nearly every moment, I was ready for a break.

And take a break I did.  I didn’t even make a menu plan this week.  I didn’t dust the house.  I had my husband bring home pizza one night.  I considered buying new underwear instead of tackling the laundry (fear not, I did laundry…I just didn’t feel like doing it…plus, I didn’t want to drag my lazy bones to the store for undies which I’d then have to wash before wearing.  Duh).

Lazy Bones.

I did manage to get my daughter to her swim lessons, run errands, take care of the bare essentials.  But beyond that?  Nada.  Oh and then my pretty close to new laptop had the audacity to die while I was on vacation.  Straight up DIED on me.  Well, on my husband.  But I took it hardest, cursing the Evil Computer Overlords and swearing that I neeeeeeded a computer or I’d perish.

But I survived.  Heh.  Isn’t that something?  And I took its dramatic death as a sign to DO. NOTHING.

I think we all need a little time “away” from everything–the schedules and the to-do lists.  It revives us.  It nurses our exhausted bodies and silences the cacophony of thoughts overburdening our minds.

cac cac.

It makes me wanna lounge on the couch all day eating casseroles laden with homemade white sauce and lots of cake.  Lazy.  And yes: White sauces.  Sometimes you need white sauce or a casserole is just not as comforting as it should be.

Trust me.  This is fact.

Laaa-aaaa-zy Bones.

Well, dear friends, it’s time to dust off the saddle and get back to it.  As reluctant as the devil on my shoulder is to get back to reality, the sweet angel on my other shoulder is whispering things like…

  • “You will feel so good when you clean out the garage.”  (Wait a second!  That’s my husband saying that, NOT the angel…sneaky)
  • “If your closet is finally organized, you’ll spend less time flailing and sweating in the morning as you forage through the black-hole that was once your lovely closet.”
  • “You’ll have more time to spend relaxing like the lazy bones you want to remain if you play catch up now…just do it…one step at a time…”
  • “If you complete your to-do list you can bake those lemon meringue cupcakes, lemon drizzle cakes, chocolate muffins, and oh yes, casseroles you’ve dreamed of.”

See?  Totally worth it to get back to the here and now and get ‘er done!  And then gain 5 pounds.

How about you?  Do you enjoy your summers filled with sunshine & activities or do you like to sit back and let the summer saunter by as you sip a sweet tea in a hammock in the shade (I don’t have a hammock, but I’d be doing that now if I did!)? 

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  1. Oh Danielle you crack me up! This particular blog is just what I needed! I can so relate…tonight, I finally sat down and read some of Jen Lancaster’s novel “Bitter is The New Black” and Yes, I have both novels and yes, they are yours haha Hence: just opened up one and my summer is 2/3rds over…promise to take good care and return when Lisey graduates from 8th grade!! I still haven’t made it “home” yet, but it’s on my list! Love the white sauce part, too! xoxo Miz W. p.s. are are so good at this!! Miss you! p.s.s. Beware….I’m known for leaving long messages on any electronic devices and blogs!!!!

    • Lol! Oh how I adore you, Mrs W. 🙂 I hope you read those books and do nothing else, but reeeeeelax! And how in the world is it nearing the END of July??? It’s just not fair. We just went “home” and I thought of you and wondered if you were around. Get there! And thank you–you’re so supportive and I love when you stop by the b-l-o-g. When you gonna start yours, hmmmmm? xxxxxxx Miss you, too!

      • I loveee hearing from you, homegirl 🙂 I’ve been thinking of starting a blog…hmmm? May have to pick your brain on how to get started…either I do that or write my first novel – you know it would be a best seller LOL p.s. not going to Sac til it’s 55 degrees not 105! xo to that lil Lisey 🙂

        • 1) You called me homegirl so I love you more now. 2) You may pick my brain if I get the pleasure of seeing you…oooo, like how I twisted that? 3) Your book would be a bestseller, no doubt! Do a blog AND a book! 4) I agree—avoid the heat! 5) Lise cried for you and Mrs. L a few days ago. Real tears.

  2. I love it!
    Not so much in encouragement of your need to relax and enjoy some down time, but more because I appreciate hearing about other women doing next to nothing in terms of real productive acts throughout the day.
    Also, because I don’t dust the furniture and I despise anyone who does.
    Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I, too, am a lazybones and I could use a casserole- and cake-eating buddy.

    Seriously, though, don’t sweat it. Soon enough you will be back to your awesome, motivated self. The garage will eventually get cleaned out and you will be posting about citrus-y desserts that I can’t have. Until then, enjoy your sweet tea (gotta stay hydrated in this heat!). 🙂

    • Ok, you’re cool. You’re so cool in my book. I am a willing lazybones-casserole-cake-eating buddy. I think we’d rock at that together 🙂 And I do thank you for your encouragement. For real. I really wish you could clean out the garage for me. No joke. Please? Hopefully, a lemon dessert will be posted soon….fingers crossed, PPID!

  3. dearjes says:

    Lazy is the new black and you wear it so well. xoxox

  4. I’m sure it’s fine to let things slide sometimes….. My daughter finished school today for six and a half weeks – they were even let out early at 1:30 instead of 3:30, so we’ve actually been doing some tidying up and sorting out. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot done this holidays, as well as doing lots of less goal-orientated activites as well 🙂 Enjoy!

  5. Tabitha says:

    You make me laugh so hard Danielle!

  6. Erin @ My Mommy World says:

    I can totally relate. Back from vacation for 3 weeks and I’m still not feeling menu plans, organizing and cooking. Sigh. The garage is just turning into a cesspool of junk as we speak.

    • Do NOT mention garages. I’m pretending I don’t have one. I won’t look it in the eye. Mayb NEXT week we will feel more energized to get back to things….let’s blame the heat. It sucks the life outta ya!


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