Week #27 Organized Home Challenge: CD and DVD Storage & Organization

I’m crossing my fingers that this week’s challenge is a cinch for you!  We’re organizing our cd and dvd collections.  I’ve wanted to gather up the stray cds in this home for some time now and I suppose there’s no better time than now.

We keep most of the kiddie dvds (and some of my husband’s favorite John Waynes 🙂 ) on the inside of our coat closet door on a rack from The Container Store.  Easy for her to make a choice and grab one.

One thing I’ll be addressing during this challenge is whether I’ll keep cd cases.  I used to be terribly attached to everything in my home, but I no longer feel the need to keep items like cd cases (or most cds).  Besides, we get the majority of our music from iTunes anyhow.

The other organization I need to finally address is the mass of pesky cds and dvds that come with computers and printers.  Why do I have 60 million of those in my office?  Do I even need those?  Do you keep those?  I’m guessing I should keep them, but sheesh, they drive me up a wall!

No jabbering on about this challenge–I know everyone is busy this week and ready to relax on the 4th! 🙂  So I’m getting to it and hope you’ll let me know how you’re doing.

Do you keep cd cases or do you toss them?  How do you organize your cd and dvd collections?

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  1. I used to have my CDs on pretty racks – perfectly organized either alphabetically or by music type. Then I got my iPod. After that, CDs seemed completely useless and cluttery. I have been (slowly) working on uploading all the CDs I still like onto my iTunes library and then getting rid of the actual CDs. So far, VERY happy with this decision! Good luck!

  2. Jennifer C says:

    You keep your CDs in an album (book? Portfolio? That zippered thing!) so I wouldn’t keep the cases – maybe just a couple in case you take one somewhere.

  3. You may consider to use some special software for organizing your movies, like All My Movies:
    This way you can get your personal movie catalog.

  4. So prevail, what did you end up doing with your CDs? That is on my list to get done and I need to just bite the bullet and get’er done. Maybe once I connect my new repurposed computer I can burn them all and then get rid of the CDs. Ok you have inspired me I must do 7 CDs a week. Starting in ummmmm welllll hummmmmm let’s see…Nov? LOL

    • Oh I’d love to tell you about my wonderful progress and tossing of cds. Instead, I ended up donating a bunch and uploading a few. I didn’t toss the cases….yet. They’re in a box with some old VHS tapes I can’t bear to part with. loL!

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