Summer Series: First Movie

Yesterday was a big day for my little sweetie.  She couldn’t wait to go to her first movie in the theater.  And I couldn’t wait to take her.  So we crossed off another item on our 102 Things To Do This Summer List and enjoyed the show!

#16 Take Munchie to her first movie

How perfect that last weekend we went to the Scottish Highland Games Festival and yesterday we saw Brave?  A nice coincidence.

Anxiously waiting for her ticket.

Once inside she was rather thrilled to see the new Ice Age flick’s poster.  I’m not sure she’s even seen all of the first Ice Age movie, but she was excited to see this poster anyhow.

We were pretty early for our showing (because I must be early for the movies…always), but she insisted we head into the theater and sit down after she got popcorn.

 Enthralled during previews

Ack! Bad lighting, but had to get a picture with the Brave poster.

I had a bittersweet time watching my little girl sit through her first movie.  I’ll admit I got a bit teary-eyed at one point as she sat wide-eyed, giggled, and peeked behind her to see how full the theater was.  I don’t know if I’m ready for her to be a big girl who can sit through a movie, whispering now and then to ask a question, climbing into daddy’s lap once when the big bear scared her.  But she is.  Maybe she will be my chick-flick movie buddy one day.  I’ll keep that in mind and embrace her speedy growth.

wah.  No, I won’t.

I can beat you, daddy!  Watch me!

Daddy let her play a couple of video games after the movie.  I’d say her first movie theater adventure was a major success.  🙂  And it sure was nice to see a movie that the adults got to enjoy.  I thought it was a beautifully made film and am still intrigued with Princess Merida’s hair (and its amazing movement!  How do they do that?!)

Have you seen Brave with (or without) your little ones yet?  How often do you go to the movies?

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  1. How fun!

  2. dearjes says:

    We saw Brave this weekend too!! Thought about you guys since you’d just gone to the Festival… Wish we could have all gone together,,,,

  3. We also went to Brave – and it was my little Monkey’s very first movie!! We all loved it! The bears were a little scary, but the boys got over it quickly! We don’t go to the theater for a movie all that often – maybe four or five times a year. But now that Monkey is old enough to go, we might try it more often – especially in the winter!

    • Yay! How fun, looks like a lot of little ones saw it this past weekend 🙂 I thought the bears were scary, too…luckily those moments were scarce. Good idea–going to the movies in winter 🙂 Rainy days at the movies, so fun!

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