Week #26 Organized Home Challenge: Books, books, books!

I have books all over my home.  All. Over.  I once had a personal rule that I would never get rid of any of my precious books.

A few of my beloved Susan Branch books.  NOT donating these.

Why would I keep books I don’t even like?  I threw that rule out the window years ago, but I still have more books I could donate or pass along to someone who might enjoy them.  Why not even share some books I’ve enjoyed?  Why only purge books I don’t like?

This week’s challengeHow To Organize Books–is a step in the right direction.  Plus, it forces me to gather up all the books in this house and put them in their proper places.

We love books!

The part I dread is decluttering my daughter’s book collection.  Not only does she have 37 million books in her room and play area, but I have 4 giant bins of books in the garage I have yet to pull out for her.  Books from my old classroom, books I bought her before she was born (not highly recommended), books we received as gifts, books I plan to give her for every year of her life.

I think books are magical.  Treasures.  One of the best type of toys.  But for Pete’s sake, we have a lot of books for this one small child.  Still, it actually pains me to give any of her books away.  So this challenge is one I need to take seriously even if I cry halfway through it.  Besides, we also love and support our local library.  Enough with the books!

A few of my cookbooks…also known as my Gooseberry Patch collection.  NOT donating any of these either.  I’m not doing so well, am I?

Another book issue?  My cookbooks.  Too many.  Yet so hard to part with.  But maybe it is time.  Help.  I need some help.

Best of luck on this challenge!  How do you organize books in your home?  Do you keep most of your books or pass them on as soon as you’ve read them?

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  1. Jennifer C says:

    Wow that’s a lot of cookbooks! I have a sizable library and I now limit myself to whatever fits on two large bookcases. Even if I have to stack. In two rows. I re-read my books so its difficult to part with them. I say pull out all the ones that haven’t been touched in a long time, read and see if it makes you as happy as though new. If not, toss.

    • I like that advice, Jennifer! I will remember that. Merci. And I remember your bookcases are HUGE. But still…you love books so I know it’s tough to keep just what you can fit on those. Go girl! 🙂

      • I decided not to post all the other cookbooks. I think it is my dirty little secret, the number of cookbooks stashed about this home. 🙂 I was reading the Southern one you gave me the other night..never shall I part with it. NEVAAAAH!

        • Jennifer C says:

          Ha!! But u actually cook. My small cookbook collection is for show. I still love the paula deen set u got me years ago. I just read, not actually cook 😉 (sorry for typos, I can spell).

  2. Once they are gone it is out of sight out of mind time. You will feel unburdened and will not miss them. Or so I say…;-) Oh oh the ROOM looms large

  3. Once upon a time my ambition was to have a house big enough for a library, so I could keep all my books. Unfortunately, I have never lived anywhere big enough for one, so little by little I have got rid of most of my collection. That said, I’ve still got boxes hidden in bedroom cupboards and I have started to accumulate again!
    I know what you mean about getting rid of your daughter’s books. We did a have a cull when she was smaller – and I did get some satisfaction from giving them to charity, to the nursery etc. Now, we are about to have another look at which books can be given away, which may provoke a few tears and not just the younger member of the family…
    For myself, these days I tend not to keep fiction as I don’t generally reread stories a second time. On the other hand, I do keep reference books, unless having bought one I realise it’s not really useful. That said, apart from cookery and gardening books, I tend to borrow from the library or from friends and family, so don’t buy that many anymore.
    Oops, that was quite a long answer!

    • I like your long answer! 🙂 I, too, dream of a giant library in a large old home. If I had more ambition (and talent) I’d build bookshelves on all the walls of our office…that’d be wonderful. But I know I won’t do it 🙂 One day maybe. I’ve found it much easier to donate paperback fiction these days and I also get most novels at the library so that helps. Thank goodness for the library!

  4. I LOVE books, too! Especially children’s books! My hubby says we could run a children’s library out of our home! I recently cleared out a bunch of my own books. I decided I never have enough time to read all the new books I want to read, I’m certainly not going to be rereading my old ones! So I sold them in my garage sale, or at my mother-in-law’s booth at the antique mall, or donated them. I figured I loved them, someone else can enjoy them now! Plus, now that I have a Nook, I think I will have far fewer books around. I can’t seem to part with very many children’s books though – I keep finding new places to stash them!! Although I am getting better about going to the library and not buying so many. Good luck with your project! 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll need it! 🙂 The children’s books are the tough ones, you’re right! Maybe you SHOULD run a library out of your home. haha! And good work on getting rid of books…Congrats!

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