Week #24 & #25 Organized Home Challenge: More Laundry Organization & Purses!

I’m combining challenges this week because…well, I didn’t post last week’s.  But this week’s will be a breeze.

Although we already did laundry room organization there is one more step to it: putting a system in place to gather dirty clothes and return them to their “home” once cleaned.  Simple?  Maybe.  But if you’ve ever found clothes strewn about your closet (guilty) or other areas of your home (guilty) then you might find it helpful to check out this challenge.

In addition, the other challenge to tackle this week is organizing purses, wallets, and handbags.  There are suggestions for organizing these containers which you can read here.  My wallet usually needs a monthly declutter, but I try to clean out my purse each week (or when I switch to a different bag), but I think I should look into this challenge and see if there’s a tip I’ll be glad I found.

My question kind of relates to the challenge (but I’m actually just curious and nosy): Do you switch purses daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or do you switch purses for every different event/occasion throughout the week?

Best of luck!



  1. Kathleen Marie says:

    I switch purses usually seasonally. Every time I go shopping or to appointments, I clear out the clutter. Any wrappers from gum/hard candy get thrown out. I put the receipts where they need to go (trash or in a folder I have for credit/debit card receipts) and put the next appointment card on the fridge with a magnet. I also put all the change from my wallet into the piggy banks I have for all spare change. I also take this time to add things to my purse that need to be replenished. Ex: trial size hand sanitizer, chapstick, travel size tissues, and in my case, eye drops.

  2. I would say seasonally. But it’s such an ordeal. I have so much in my “big bag” that it is hard to downsize. But then I make the excuse that I’m using the smaller bag for something special so I leave most of the stuff in my “big bag” still, meaning I have lot’s of this and that in lot’s of bags! I always have hand sanitizer and chapstick in every bag!

    Neat post-thanks for being so neat!

  3. I’ve been using the same purse for about 18 months now. Sometimes I’ll switch if we are going on vacation or to a theme park for the day, but I just love that particular purse and it goes with pretty much everything 🙂

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