Free~Gooseberry Patch Chicken Cookbooklet

I got a new Gooseberry Patch book last week (another Christmas one and I couldn’t be happier reading it in June).  To top it off, here’s a free GP e-book.  Head on over to Amazon and get Gooseberry Patch’s Chicken Cookbooklet e-book for free today.  Woo!  Gooseberry Patch heaven!  And I’m always down for new chicken recipes.

I’m not a Kindle girl and if you aren’t either, you can go here and download a free Kindle application for your computer which will allow you to read this free e-book.

Remember that the price can go up at anytime on this, so please check the price before you “buy” the book.


Thanks Gooseberry Patch!



  1. Danielle & Liseyyyy…miss you! Thank goodness for Cozy blog – it makes me feel connected 🙂 More later, but wanted to say hi! On summer break effective today! xo p.s. I have your two books from Mrs. Sessions…let me know if you need them, otherwise, they are in good hands 🙂

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