Our Menu (Week of June 17, 2012)

Where I’ll be dining this week.  Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa!……….sob.

Hi all!  I forgot to brainstorm this week’s menu.  But I’ve been thinking about some delicious looking desserts I saw online this past week.  Which I must ignore.  Ignore.

This week we’re doing a bit of “learning about our world” as noted in our 102 Things To Do This Summer List so I’m incorporating a bit of France into the plan.  🙂  If you know me, it’s no surprise that I chose France for our 1st “trip”.  I love America, but I have a “thing” for France.  My choices or outcomes might not be terribly authentic, but I’m giving it a shot.  Munchie is excited and asked if we will go to Africa and North Carolina (??? no idea where those came from).

So here we go…planning as I type.  Here’s what we’re having this week:


  • Blueberry coffee cake, strawberries, juice x 2
  • Stuffed breakfast biscuits, blueberries, pineapple juice
  • Soft-boiled eggs, toast strips, ham slices, o.j./tea
  • Oatmeal with dried cherries & flax, Green monster smoothies
  • French puffs, hot cocoa, fruit salad
  • Baked apples, o.j. (carryover from last week)


  • Father’s Day lunch with family (a lot of food consumed. A lot)
  • Ham, brie & arugula on baguette, berries
  • French lentil soup, baguette slices, watermelon
  • Egg salad sandwiches, berries, milk
  • Grilled chicken, roasted balsamic mushrooms, apples & melon
  • Mushroom & spinach quiche, watermelon
  • Leftovers plus fruit


  • Light meal/snacks (heavy Father’s Day lunch so we all ate something different and light for Sunday dinner)
  • Boeuf aux carottes (or beef with carrots–doesn’t have the same appeal this way), simple salad, apple tart or berry crumble
  • Coq au vin, crusty bread, a little wine for the adults and sparkling apple cider for the little one (& maybe tart or crumble?)
  • Baked penne, broccoli, garlic knots
  • Baked herbed salmon, sun-dried tomato couscous, roasted zucchini
  • Poulet au vinaigre ( 🙂 chicken with vinegar), French green beans with garlic,
  • Leftovers Night


  • Delicious summer fruit!
  • Greek yogurt & crunchies (like crackers, popcorn, etc.)

Freezer Cooking & DIY Session:  I don’t do a traditional once-a-month session, but generally choose 2 or 3 recipes. 

  • I think I’ll skip this week.  😉 

*For great menu ideas and plans, stop by Menu Plan Monday over at OrgJunkie. 



  1. I lived in France for two years and I do miss it.

  2. Yum! Your French menu plan looks great! What else are you doing this week to learn about France? Great idea — I should do that with Vi.
    Also, in addition to NC, tell Analise that Kentucky is right next door and has its own culinary treasures. Like burgoo. Hot Browns. Bourbon. Okay, maybe you keep the bourbon to yourself. And don’t forget the classic Kentucky Fried Chicken. 😉

  3. Perfect! I needed this this morning before I go to the market – love all the work you put into this! And what a fun idea, to trip around the world 🙂 Makes me think of a great summer goal for my own family! Thank you, Cozycakes!

  4. Your making me remember Paris. Awe I just love France too!

  5. Ooooh – your baguettes and quiche are making me drool just reading it! Ham and brie – YUM!!! 🙂


  1. […] To Do This Summer List).  So I’ll also keep France a part of our menu plan just as it was last week.    I’ll also be sharing a few recipes from this menu plan.  Are you […]

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