102 Things To Do This Summer: Our List & Series

I meant to post this on June 1st, but sheesh, time flies!  Soon it will be holiday madness.  It happens every year.  One minute we’re splashing around in the pool, the next I’m writing Christmas lists and wishing for snow (which is just NOT gonna happen here).

Good times last summer 

And as much as I’m a cold weather, rainy day, cuddle up at home gal I do think it’s wonderful to embrace each season (be it hot or cold) and make the most of it all.  Yes, I do.  Even if I whine that I’d like more rain, that it’s too hot, that I like winter clothes better than summer clothes, etcetera, etcetera.  But since the days continue to fly by at lightning speed and my little one is growing far too quickly for my taste, embrace I shall! Life is trotting right along and I’m ready to embrace each day this summer.  Embrace is my magical, motivational word for the season.  Are you annoyed yet with the embrace in bold?  Embrace.  Ok, I’m done.

Tubing in the lake with daddy last summer

A few days ago, I plopped myself on the floor in my Munchie’s room as she played tea party with her toys.  We talked about all the things we want to do this summer and guessed what Daddy and Duke would like to do.  I wrote it all down and in a matter of minutes, voilà!  We had our list of 102 Things To Do This Summer.

We’re hanging our list up so we can choose from it daily (also helps this mommy out who sometimes stares into space when Munchie asks what we’re doing.  I have brain issues).  We plan to do all 102 of the items which is not difficult or intimidating when you see that most items are simple, can be done at home or near home, are free or low-cost, and stress quality time together over expensive activities & trips.  We seem to have the best time when we spend time building, creating, & experimenting together.   In fact, the first thing Munchie said she wanted to add to the list is “do lots of puzzles!”  🙂  I can accommodate that!

Helping in the kitchen last summer 

I loved making this list with her because it wasn’t about impressing other people with a crazy summer bucket list.  I listened to a group of moms playing a game of “our summer will be better than your summer & I’ll spend more than you on it” the other day.  Not appealing to me.  Sure, we love to travel to faraway places, want to take Munchie on her 1st big amusement park trip when she’s a little older and the like, but this list is about making the most of our summer.  Specifically making the summer relaxing, memorable, & fun for Munchie.  Make pet rocks?  Sure.  Run outside when we’re blessed with a summer rainstorm?  Fantastic.  Make puppets and perform a play for daddy?  Good times.

I thought it’d be fun to share our list here.  I’m sure you do many of these things throughout the year, but maybe you’ll find a couple of things you’d like to try or haven’t thought to do in a while.  I’m making this a little series: I’ll post every few days about things we’ve done on the list while sharing recipes & instructions, too.

I hope you’ll stick around and join me on our summer adventures!

Our 102 Things To Do This Summer

(Items noted with an “M” were suggested by my little Munchie)
  1. Do puzzles: Free (M)
  2. Walk to the library: Free (M)
  3. Cook from Munchie’s kid cookbooks (M)
  4. Family slumber party in the loft: Free (M)
  5. Attend the local Doggie Street Festival: Free (M)
  6. Go to the duck pond: Free
  7. Mommy-daughter end of 3-yr old preschool celebration lunch
  8. Visit the bookstore and read books together: Free (M)
  9. Join the library Summer Reading Program: Free
  10. Walk to frozen yogurt
  11. Fingerpaint: Free (M)
  12. Shaving cream paint: Free
  13. Write letters and snail mail them to friends and family: Nearly free 🙂
  14. Go to dog beach: Free (M)
  15. Picnic in the park: Free
  16. Take Munchie to her first movie
  17. Make Father’s Day gifts
  18. Attend the Scottish Highlands Festival
  19. Redecorate preschool bucket: Free
  20. Visit different parks in our neighborhood in the morning before the heat sets in: Free
  21. Hike a local mountain: Free
  22. Run through the sprinklers: Free
  23. Build a fairy garden & home: Free or nearly free
  24. Have breakfast on the front porch: Free (M)
  25. Make homemade ice cream
  26. Have a tea party: Free
  27. Ride our bikes: Free
  28. Go bowling (M)
  29. Cook together & build family cookbook: Free
  30. Make puppets & have a puppet show: Free
  31. Go on a road trip
  32. Play board games: Free
  33. Bring lunch to daddy at work
  34. Cruise the bay on the boat (M)
  35. Make play-dough: Free!
  36. Take swim lessons
  37. Learn about money and saving: Free (or can saving money not be counted as free? confusing)
  38. Write adventure stories: Free (M)
  39. Make Christmas items
  40. Learn to read: Free (M)
  41. Fishing with daddy (M)
  42. Go to the beach & build sand castles
  43. Stroll the farmers’ market
  44. Go to the fair (M)
  45. Play at our neighborhood splash park: Free (M)
  46. Go to the zoo
  47. Play in the rain
  48. Watch fireworks
  49. Visit a “new” library when we visit out-of-town family
  50. Ride the train in “old” town area
  51. Swim everywhere: Free (M)
  52. Make popsicles: Free
  53. Practice hula-hooping and jump-roping: Free (M)
  54. Make a pet rock family: Free
  55. Go through toys and clothes for donation: Free (M: she loves sifting through her things to give to “kids who might need them.” No harassing me about adding work to the list 🙂 )
  56. Read 2 chapter book read-alouds: Free
  57. Make doughnuts (hmm, wonder who came up with that one)
  58. Make a bird feeder
  59. Learn new prayers: Free
  60. Learn to write last name: Free (M)
  61. Take a nap together: Free
  62. Play dress up: Free
  63. Paint the outside fence & wall with water: Free
  64. Build with Legos/blocks: Free
  65. Learn about our world: Free
  66. Make microwave puffy paint: Free
  67. Play parking lot word game: Free
  68. Q-tip art: Free
  69. Make floating jellyfish: Free
  70. Veggie art: Free
  71. Outside scavenger hunt: Free
  72. Inside scavenger hunt: Free
  73. Have a pillow fight: Free
  74. Go camping
  75. Make spider webs: Free
  76. Have a dance party: Free
  77. Give each other manicures and pedicures: Free
  78. Make a time capsule: Free
  79. Walk our dog daily: Free
  80. Watch Summer Olympics: Free
  81. Munchie wall art: Free
  82. Play marching band: Free (M)
  83. Play school: Free (M)
  84. Make sidewalk chalk and go crazy outside: Free
  85. Hike our canyon: Free
  86. Pack a bag with books and read outside: Free
  87. Daddy date
  88. Learn about telling time: Free
  89. Plant & care for flowers and herbs
  90. Host bbq for friends
  91. Make mud pies: Free
  92. Put on a play: Free
  93. Decorate garden pots
  94. Make jewelry
  95. Grape dancing: Free
  96. Spraypaint art
  97. Play with paper dolls: Free
  98. Paint like a master: Free
  99. Learn new chores: Free (She loves to help around the house and shadow me so this is a great opportunity to teach her more)
  100. Hopscotch with music: Free (M)
  101. Go on a fossil hunt: Free
  102. Make garden stepping stones
What’s up with the numbers 100-102? odd.

What’s on your summer to do list & what simple activities are your family’s favorites?



  1. What a great idea! This makes me wish I didn’t work…I am working on mastering the Three Things To Do This Summer, one of which is to make it through.

  2. dearjes says:

    I hope that I’m on the end of #13! xoxoxox

  3. Tabitha says:

    I need to make a list of things I want to do with my little buddy but anything that involves reading, swimming and being outside will be at the top of our list.

  4. Love the pics of cutie patootie!! And thats a long list of stuff to do!

  5. AWESOME!!! What a fantastic list! I am stealing it. 😉
    Seriously, though. I love it; it inspires me to do a lot of these things with Vi this summer. I especially love #s 3, 13 (ahem), 23, 57, and 61. And all the learning ones. And all the artsy/crafty ones. Oh, and all the cooking ones too.
    I hope when you do these things, you will give us a hint of how to do it! Like making puffy paint or spiderwebs or fairy houses.
    Your little girl is lucky to have such a wonderful, fun mom as you!

  6. We too have a list of “must do’s” each summer. With four kiddos, one of which is almost a teenager, our list looks a bit different, but I was able to steal a few of yours. No matter how old, they will always want to make ice cream and paint with shaving cream. It’s just now EVERYTHING has to be with their friends. Nothing is as fun without the BFFs. We have entered the world of texting, walking up to the Westwood Club with friends, and getting dropped off at the movies. Pooh….I hate it. I need my babies back when puppet shows were a great summer activity for them. I can tell you are savoring every moment, as you should! You are a good mama and Annalise is a lucky little girl! (BTW, MY girl is wanting to see you, so let’s meet at one of those parks before the heat sets in!)

    • I am pretending I didn’t read “teenager.” And that a certain someone is still in kindergarten. Take it all back, Kim! Back! I’d LOVE to see you and sweet Alyssa. Wanna join us at our hood’s splashpark next week? Is that too baby for her/them???

  7. Great list!


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