Week #23 Organized Home Challenge: Laundry Room Organization

I’m hoping that this week’s challenge (which I’m 3 days behind posting) is a snap for most: laundry room organization.  Whether you have a large laundry room, a small space, or your washer and dryer in the garage this challenge offers ways to organize, decorate, and make the most of this often used, but largely ignored space.

I have ample storage in our laundry room, but am working on cozying it up.  My dear friend Jes is such a decorating/design talent so I’m taking inspiration from her lovely (yes, it’s lovely) laundry room (she recently moved and I’m jealous of whoever is enjoying her pretty laundry room.  I’m sure her new laundry room is just as delightful).  With her vintage hampers, bright rug, and cute wall art, she made her laundry room a pleasant place to wash, dry, & fold clothes.  If I had a pic, I’d post it, but I’m working off memory here.

So with that in mind, I’ve found a cute rug for my space and am deciding on wainscoting or painting our laundry room.  Hmmm.  Then I’ll conquer wall art and a little more decor.

Is your laundry room a happy, organized place? Or could you care less about it and simply get in and out as fast as you can? 🙂

Best of luck on this challenge!



  1. dearjes says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Sniff sniff… how i miss that laundry room!! My laundry room here is the size of a pin head. Albeit really big pin head. It’s not the same doing laundry when your elbows hit the walls when folding towels. This is a reflection on the size of my space not my wing span.

    I will have to bring my laundry to your cozy’d up room. I vote for wainscoting. I will bring my vintage hamper.

    • You are welcome, dearjes! That room was so darn cute. My laundry room is likely a pinhead room to you as well because your old room was HUGE. That hamper sticks in my memory. Do not ever let it go. 🙂 xxx

  2. I don’t have a laundry room – just a washing machine in my kitchen – but so wish I did (somewhere to hang the washing when it is too wet outside!). However, I have started decorating the dining room which is really an extension of the kitchen, so things are moving forward…. Good luck with cozying up your own laundry room.


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