Couponing: My CVS trip

I am by no means an extreme couponer (although a certain coupon show sucked me in when it first aired…goodness gracious), but I love to snatch up deals on products we use/love so I definitely use coupons.  I used to visit CVS and Ralphs every week or two to grab spectacular deals with coupons, but these last several months I’ve yet to do a “real” coupon trip.  What happened to me?  I’m blaming the holidays…which were months ago. 😉

Last night I decided to organize my coupon binder and get to it.  Minus coupons and ExtraBucks, I spent only $5.58 at CVS today.  I use a different shampoo than the one pictured, but my husband doesn’t have finicky hair.  Score!  The detergent is not my preferred brand for our clothes, but for less than $1.50 I will use it for bathroom rugs, scrap towels (for the garage, washing the car), etc.  We love raisins and my husband’s back is killing him so I grabbed those deals as well.

I also scored some fabulous deals at Ralphs:  Tide HE for under $2, Heinz Ketchup for about $1, and more.   Ahh, feels good to be back on the wagon.

What about you?  Do you coupon at all?  Where do you prefer to use your coupons?



  1. dearjes says:

    I do!! And it’s triple coupon week at Harris Teeter so… byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..!!

  2. Couponing is one of those things that just doesn’t make the time investment cut for me. I get a Sunday paper and clip the coupons in there, and if I have some time when I’m making the grocery list I’ll print some coupons. I guess I’m a “kind of” couponer! Lately I’ve been loving that Target has had sales and coupons for some of their women’s clothing basics – tees and tanks and shorts. Scored a bunch of tees and tanks for $3 and $4 each, including my favorite tee from there. I think I might have it in every color now! haha!

    • That’s how couponing ends up for me. There just seem to be better, more important things to do. I think I’m a “kind of” couponer also ;). I pull a few coupons out of my binder, write my list/matchups and head on in with my little envelope.

      I love those Target deals–woo! I like how you can use a Target coupon on top of a manufacturer coupon. Those are the deals I love. I think I’ll try to at least hit up one store for coupon deals a couple times a month. Let’s see how I manage that!

  3. Tabitha says:

    Great trip! 🙂 I love CVS for shopping!

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