Let’s Go Camping!

Pose for a pic, folks! Not happening with spaz-dog.

A couple of weeks ago my husband got home from work and announced, ” We’re going camping this weekend!” I heaved a sigh.  He heaved a sigh back at me.

Not that I don’t love camping.  Not that I don’t love his spontaneity and eagerness to enjoy his days off.  But I’d planned to get the house in order (who did that?  who came in here and wrecked this place?), join a friend at a local conference, and cross off a few things on my to-do list (like watch all my dvr-ed tv shows in one beautiful sitting).   I begrudgingly agreed to this camping trip and went about my week.

Okay, best shot with spaz-dog still on the move.  And that tree behind them?  Home to half the world’s ant population.

Then the morning we planned to leave, I did my usual:  Frantically clean up the house (nice timing), panic and shove extra warm clothes in our bags (what if there is a sudden 20 degree evening such as the ones we have NEVER had in our area), snap at my husband, snap at my dog, snap at no one in particular because I felt unprepared (my fault).

I’m a delight.

And then we were off!  Here’s a little peek into our camping weekend.

My Munchie loves camping.  I think it’s because we started her camping when she was a wee 5 months along in my belly 🙂  She’s also the best traveler-roadtripper-camper ever!

After a little bike ride, someone was too relaxed and couldn’t be bothered with my camera antics. Time to relax.  She thinks sleeping in a tent is THE coolest thing.

Enjoying an evening stroll.  Finally a calm dog.

Off to harm a few tadpoles and frogs.  I kid,  I kid.

 Hi ho, hi ho, we’re camping, here we go!

Cheers to camping!  Relaxation here we come!

Hanging loose, camping style.  No-shower-greasy-camping look required.  Jealous?  Didn’t think so. 😉

We spent a day hiking and exploring.

Such a big girl.  But still my baby. 

If I act like a pathetic human perhaps they’ll fix me a plate of food.”

Ah, the real reason she loves camping. 

“Are you looking at me?  I’m exhausted.  Stay out of the tent while I rest.  Don’t come any closer.  Stop taking pictures.”

Found a pillow on the drive back home and couldn’t move if he wanted to.

We had a fun, albeit short, trip and it was a nice way to welcome summer.  I’m okay with the fact that my husband ruined my television watching, bathroom scrubbing plans.  I’ll let it slide.  Sometimes it’s just fine to leave behind the mess and the reality.  Sometimes it’s the best thing to do.  I started the trip with a headache.  I swore (loudly) that the car ride, the ants, and the tent were going to make me feel worse.  I was wrong.  Sometimes spontaneity is just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes.  😉



  1. brandeegrl says:

    Absolutely love!! Feel like I was there with you Delightful People & your ever-faithful pup 🙂 Your captions are the best…giggling!!

  2. The cutest most bestest family camping pics ever!! Love it!

  3. We’re going camping this weekend. It’s probably not going to be such nice weather over this side of the Atlantic but we live in hope – with our duvets and woolly hats! Lovely pics of your family 🙂

  4. dearjes says:

    Love!!! Great pics and stories and ant’ics. XOXO

  5. What memories! Love it..

  6. What a fun trip! You guys look so genuinely happy and relaxed in the pictures…nothing like some fresh mountain air!

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