4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer: Homemade Baking Mix(Week 1: Breakfasts complete!)

Homemade baking mix…lots of it!  This is a HUGE bowl. 

Oh boy, this mix smells good.  It’s the coconut oil I used instead of shortening.  It reminds me of those Samoas Girl Scout cookies–that smell.  Mm!

So I finally caught up on week 1 of MSM’s 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer project and tomorrow I’ll do 2 of the lunch freezer meals using my own recipes.  I can’t wait–this kind of “project” is right up my alley.  This kind of project makes me a little too happy.

Note the lovely handwriting on the bags–that’s what happens when I write after I fill the bags. 

I got 2 bags of homemade baking mix from this recipe.  I used about half whole wheat flour and half white flour and am eager to see how this turns out with the coconut oil, too.  I’ll be testing it out soon and let you know!

Do you keep baking mix on hand and what’s your favorite use for it?



  1. I heard that whole wheat pastry flour is lighter and nicer than whole wheat (I’ve baked with the latter before with gummy results) so that’s next on my to-try list. Have you tried that?

    • I haven’t and thank you for that tip, my dear! I use whole wheat a lot in baking (usually 1/2 or 1/3) and don’t notice the difference in most things. Using just whole wheat flour in some recipes I’ve tried has resulted in disaster. And I don’t appreciate baking disasters–what a waste!


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