Our Menu (Week of May 6, 2012)

This morning’s strawberry pineapple smoothie

I’m doing a lot of my own thing this week when it comes to meals.  I feel like I need a mini-detox after the last few weeks of crazy food consumption (large portions, dinner out, snacking OFTEN).  I’ll be sticking with a lot of smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch.  But I still made a detailed plan for the little family.  Here’s what’s on our menu this week:


  • Fluffy buttermilk pancakes, pineapple, o.j.
  • Strawberry pineapple smoothies, multi-grain toast
  • Baked apple oatmeal, melon, milk x 2
  • Baked apple cider doughnuts, strawberries, warm beverage (thinking about what I’d like to serve with these doughnuts other than cider)
  • Green monster smoothies, banana bread
  • Biscuits n’ gravy, pineapple, o.j.


  • Leftovers x 2 plus fruit
  • P.b and jelly, fruit, yogurt
  • Shredded pork sandwiches, apples, pasta salad
  • Parmesan pesto grilled cheese w/avocado, fruit salad,
  • Snack-ey lunch
  • Couscous w/veggies, fruit salad


  • Dinner out brought in (Ty was out on the boat with Munchie all day so they brought dinner home 🙂 )
  • Slow cooker pork tenderloin (kind of scared of this, but giving it a shot), homemade applesauce, savory bread, broccoli
  • Buttermilk chicken fingers, roasted red potatoes & asparagus
  • Creamy chicken in patty shells, simple salad, corn on the cob
  • Mini beef tortilla cups, avocado salsa, homemade refried beans, Spanish rice
  • Chicken pesto with bow ties, spinach salad, zucchini & crookneck
  • Leftovers Night


  • Fruit & cheese
  • Hummus & multi-grain crackers
  • Yogurt & veggies

Freezer Cooking Session:  I don’t do a traditional once-a-month session, but generally choose 2 or 3 recipes. 

  • Slow cooker applesauce
  • Slow cooker refried beans
  • And: TBD from 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer project

What family favorites are on your menu this week?

Please feel free to link up to your menu as well!



  1. Tabitha says:

    Your menu looks great! I need to try your green monster smoothie. 🙂

  2. We had it this morning–I love it. It just tastes like a p.b. shake to me. And my 3 yr old loves it…If you like p.b. then I think you’ll like it! (I double it so my husband can have a large cup to drink on his way to work…so I might add a tad more than double the p.b 🙂 )

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