Adorable Nora Fleming Giveaway!

This isn’t even my giveaway and I’m super excited about it.

My lovely friend Sandi at All The Good Blog Names Are Taken  is hosting a giveaway that is just too darn cute!  And functional.  Which equals c-o-z-y kitchen perfection in my book.  If you’ve seen Nora Fleming’s products, you are excited, too.  If you’re not familiar with her wares, check them out now!

photo credit

Okay, is that cute?  It is.  Just admit it.  The winner of this giveaway gets an autographed Nora Fleming platter plus three adorable minis (bluebird, apple, and butterfly) — an $80 value. But the value is priceless (heehee) if you count the autograph!  🙂  Here’s how Sandi explains the platter and minis: “You insert an appropriate hand-painted mini (they’re adorable little ceramic pieces) into it to transform your classic platter into an occasion-specific serving dish. Your friends are impressed and kowtow in admiration.”

Oh Sandi–I already kowtow in admiration.  You had me at quinoa.  Actually, you had me years before quinoa, but I like saying keeeen-waaaaah.

Enough already!  Head on over to All The Good Blog Names Are Taken and enter (you can enter 5 times!) to win!  It’s so easy.  And I know…because I entered.

Let me know if you win.  So I can be ticked off that I didn’t.  Bonne chance!

Thanks, Sandi!  (kowtowing in admiration)



  1. I have to confess: I said I wanted Ree Drummond to cook dinner for me. BUT! I thought about it for a good three minutes before deciding on Ree over you. My thought was that Ree could cook me dinner, then you would be incredibly jealous and have to cook me dinner the NEXT night while I told you all about Ree! 🙂
    P Dub? Are you listening?

    • Gah! LOL! I am HONORED that you even considered me AT ALL. And I would do JUST as you thought I might. And then I’d make you ask her back while I was there. I hope she’s listening. From where..Seattle today?

  2. Thanks so much Danielle! I would of course have picked you as my favorite cooking partner were I able to enter! I am still recovering from my recent round of cake pops without you…I can’t even blog about it yet!

  3. brandeegrl says:

    Looooove!!!! Super fun question, too. Ina got my vote, but I would adore a dinner (or any meal cooked by you OR eaten with you, of course!) 😉 XO, friend!!

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