Week #17 Organized Home Challenge: Create A House Cleaning Schedule & Organize Cleaning Supplies

Week #17 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge is all about cleaning house.  Time to create a schedule for cleaning and organize cleaning supplies.

Truth be told, I’m still working on our office.  I feel like I’m always working on our office.  I suspect it’s because I don’t like our office set-up which throws me off and then it becomes a wreck before I know it.  But because I already have a cleaning schedule (daily and weekly) and recently re-organized our cleaning supplies, I’m going to take this week to forge through last week’s challenge instead.

I’ll share some of my organizing tools this week for keeping my home clean.  Having small daily tasks and then a couple larger tasks for the week really helps me keep a clean house (most of the time :)).  Though this week’s challenge isn’t about decluttering or organizing a room, a clean house results in a much more relaxing and “organized” home for me.  And when my home feels fresh and clean, I find it easier to maintain organization!  How about you?

How do you keep on top of your household cleaning?



  1. I have a schedule too. Daily and weekly. It really helps me stay on top of small tasks. And, I allow the weekend to be free so we can just relax and enjoy guests etc without chores. I am always happy when an unexpected guest pop in and I don’t have to apologize for the state of my home. Aaahhh.

  2. I used to have a schedule. Since homeschooling my kids for 10 years and taking on a zillion farm animals, I am completely off schedule! I had to change priorities. But quieter years are coming and I will probably go back to cleaning as regularly. I will say, in the day of the internet, it is harder to get housework done! I spend more time online than I used to -shame, shame, shame!

    I really admire you and your organization. You are an inspiration to me!

    • Oh my–if I homeschooled even one? My schedule would be out of whack! And the internet is certainly a culprit. Agree! Thank you for your kind words, Tammy. My organization is a work in progress and I love that you stop by and encourage!

  3. simplymykitchen says:

    A cleaning schedule has totally helped me! I just plan one to two “chores” once a day Monday-Thursday and it helps a ton! Its saved my sanity as a first time mommy. 🙂

  4. I have a weekly cleaning schedule, but I’m bad at keeping up with the bigger stuff that you don’t do all the time.

  5. Luanne Meullion says:

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