Happy Pet Day!

It’s National Pet Day…an important holiday if there ever was one, in my humble opinion.  In honor and support of this important holiday….I give you Duke MacGyver.


 He celebrates with us.


 He hangs out with us, listening to the news from the grapevine. 

 He’s happy if she’s happy.  Happiest when she gives him all her love and attention.

 And puts up with a lot. 

He puts up with a lot.  Did I mention that?

Although seems to enjoy being treated like the human he believes he is.  He is feisty, fun, temperamental, energetic, needy, cuddly, and loyal. 


We don’t know what we’d do without him.  He’s our first child 🙂

Happy Pet Day!  Do you have special furry friend you can’t imagine life without?



  1. Sheri Lieber says:

    Duke is gorgeous! I can see that he is a well-loved member of your family and that Pony-Girl gives him lots of love! And aren’t Goldens the best?

  2. Dukester! Love those pics! I will buy Cookie a treat today! Happy pet day!

  3. such soulful eyes. sweet thing!

  4. These are such great pictures. I can tell Annalise loves her Duke.

  5. Ralphie and Jade are celebrated yeah here’s to pets!

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