Week #15 Organized Home Challenge: Organize Passwords, Warranties & Manuals

Week #15 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge is already upon me.  Thankfully, it’s one I think I can complete fairly easily this week.  Whew.

This week I (or we if you’re joining the challenges) will be organizing all passwords, warranties (bleh), and manuals (ugh).  I have to say that as much as I loathe the warranties and manuals I shove into a file, I’m glad to be organizing them.  Since I have 483 million passwords (yes, that many), I will certainly benefit from organizing them.  There are software programs & phone apps you can use to organize your passwords, but I’m going to stick with the old-fashioned way–pen and paper. 

And those manuals….I’ll get to those after I’m on a password organization high.  Baby steps.

Hope you’re finding the challenges helpful and good luck with this week’s!



  1. I organize these items by throwing them into the recycling bin. And then cussing loudly when I realize I need them years later. May be time for a new method?

  2. I was so irritated the other day that I (almost) cussed and through my phone. Ya know what app was bugging me b/c it wouldn’t accept my password??!! My BIBLE app! 😦

  3. Every week’s challenge looks great. I always say to myself, “Yes! That is what I need to do!”
    Then I go do housework. Or I scrapbook.
    I am so disorganized.
    Will you be my organization mentor? I’ll bake cookies and you can come over and organize my house. 😉

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