Week #14 Organized Home Challenge: Magazine and Newspapers

Week #14 of  Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge has arrived!  What!  How is it April?  How?!

Time to get over that and just focus on the task at hand: dealing with any magazines and newspapers your abode has accumulated.  This week’s challenge is all about your magazines and newspapers


That’s what I would’ve said last month, but as I’ve mentioned, I just completed my magazine purge.  It wasn’t easy.  I didn’t have this challenge’s guidelines to help me so I didn’t donate them (I recycled and passed some on to friends) or file the tear-outs in my home filing system (I’ll have to deal with my tear-outs. Right now they’re in a binder).  I’ll also have to follow the instructions for putting an end to mass amounts of junk mail being sent to me.  I did that years ago, but I think it might be a more effective process today. 

Are you a fellow magazine addict?  Do you have to rip pages out of each issue before tossing them or are you able to release them to the recycling bin without a second thought? 

Good luck with this week’s challenge!



  1. I am a magazine addict!! I recently purged my magazine basket and recycled about 1,000 lbs. of old stuff. I do keep all of my Cook’s Country magazines though…those are holy and sacred to me 🙂

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