Week #13 Organized Home Challenge: How To Organize Files In Your Home

Welcome to week #13 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge!  This week, as stated in the challenge, culminates several weeks worth of work.  So you might already be on your way to finishing this challenge up. 

I have some work to do with our filing and I like this challenge which offers a few tips that will help me clean out a bit more of the filing.  I tend to keep paperwork for longer than necessary (paranoia) and this is a good time for me to shred and toss a lot of that clutter.  The challenge offers suggested typical home file categories (I have a few of these categories combined into one file which is a pain in the neck when I’m in a rush) so I’ll be re-categorizing this week as well.

How are you doing on the challenges?  Is your whole office system already running smoothly or do you have a bit of work to do as well?  Oh and next week’s challenge deals with magazines and newspapers–I’m ahead of the game!  My magazine purge is complete!!!



  1. Your magazine purge is complete? SO impressive! I can feel the weight off your shoulders! Kudos!!

    • It is! I kept a small pile that I couldn’t part with and then the few in the 3 baskets throughout the home which are newer ones (this year). But hundreds are gone…long gone….ahhhhhh…I DO feel weight off my shoulders! Thanks, Abs!


  1. […] what I would’ve said last month, but as I’ve mentioned, I just completed my magazine purge.  It wasn’t easy.  I didn’t have this challenge’s guidelines to help me so I […]

  2. […] I should just tackle it.  The Organized Home Challenge has already addressed the mail center, organizing home files, and organizing bills so that should make it easier, but I use our office as a dumping ground.  […]

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