Quinoa verdict

I’ve read about the wonder of quinoa for years and listened to my sis and friends rave about it for months.  The looks of it kind of scared me (insect eggs?) even though I kept hearing that I’d probably enjoy it since I love couscous.  I didn’t try it until yesterday.

Herbed Quinoa Beet Salad

While my little one was at preschool, I was able to spend some quality time with my friend Sandi from All the Good Blog Names are Taken.  I laughed so hard at one point that I almost felt myself float out of my body and hover above us to watch the good times.  For a moment the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun played in my head as Sandi wiped tears of laughter from her face and I raced to the bathroom because I thought I might pee my pants.

I didn’t tell her about the song though because a) she had lovely adult-like music playing and I didn’t want to spoil that, b) it’s not 1985, and c) we were making cake pops–I wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker about to engage in a dance off with the words, “Let’s do it” commencing what will be my rad dance to victory.

How daintily Sandi chops. 

Back to the quinoa.  For lunch, lovely, adult-like Sandi made a delicious herbed quinoa beet salad.  She also made another yummy salad, but I have to focus on one thing here. 🙂  I officially love quinoa.  My love was over the top because the beets gave the dish a delightful pink hue and I’m all about pink in my 30s (how did that happen?).  Plus, she added toasted pine nuts to the dish and that made me love it (and Sandi) even more.  Simple, healthy, and yummy.  You can check out her recipe over at her blog All The Good Blog Names are Taken.  You won’t regret it.

I plan to have Sandi make me more food soon.  I’m sure she’ll love that. 😉



  1. I will make you food ANYTIME, my friend! I laughed so much yesterday I am counting it as an abs workout. And you can totally see from the pic that I am double-jointed!!! I’m sorry. Thanks for the shout out! And you should have told me you were a Lauper fan. I am too!

    • You’re so fantastic. I’m double-jointed, too! Perhaps that’s why I didn’t think twice about your amazing hands 🙂 Next time we will pop to 80s music although I feel so cultured after listening to the beautiful music you had on. Perhaps we will create a Lauper-Intelli mix?

  2. I, too, could not get on the quinoa boat for a while.. but now I lauf it. I mix it with chopped up chicken, cucumber, black beans & a dressing made of sour cream and/or plain yogurt, cilantro, garlic & Worcestershire sauce… DELISHHHHHH.

    Congrats on your new relationship with quinoa. I wish I could claim the same with beets… but I have yet to find a way to like them 🙂

  3. You are too funny! Never thought I could laugh so much over a post on quinoa 🙂

  4. Ok. I guess I am the final hold-out. Maybe Sandi can make a believer out of me too….

  5. I’ve never eaten quinoa — not because I have any prejudice against it, but simply because I haven’t gotten around to it. (How’s that for apathy?) I must say, though, that this is probably a dish that tastes much better than it looks! I may just try it.
    Would you and Sandi like to come over and help a girl out? I could use a good laugh. And I’ve got the music covered. 😉

  6. Its great used like one would do rice. Use chicken stock or broth 2 to one etc very easy and good. A superfood Just got on board with it this last year. Was pleasantly suprisef yeahquinoa aka manna.


  1. […] While our dipped pops dried before we could decorate them, Sandi went to work again (I’m quite the taskmaster) making a lunch of salads (that wasn’t exactly planned…but was a good idea since cake pops were going into my mouth whole) including the delish quinoa salad I talked about here. […]

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