Week #12 Organized Home Challenge, Plus Week #4 Picture Update (ugh)

It’s week #12 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Time to create a personal tax organizer system and organize your receipts.  Chances are you did one or both of these tasks when you organized your bills or mail center.  If that’s the case then I virtual high-five you and say Congrats!  For those of us who have a little work to do, no problem–with tax season in full effect, this is a great time to set up or reorganize both areas.  Best of luck to you!

Week 4 Update: Freezer organization

I was tempted to organize the freezer a tad before taking the “before” shots.  Of course, I couldn’t do that.  I promised I would be honest and real with myself (and my blog) on my self-discipline and accountability adventure.   Sometimes I’d rather not though.  But here we go…

This is painful.  Very painful.  I never organized the freezer during week 4 of the Organized Home Challenge because I despise it so (and because it’s a brat and the temperature quickly rises when we open it).  No matter how often I empty it and reorganize it, it’s a wreck by the time I fill it after a grocery trip.  I like to take advantage of sales and do a bit of freezer cooking and my freezer does not accommodate these habits.  But now that I have my new, already beloved upright freezer in the garage, I am ready for the challenge.

Back to the pain.  Check this out.

The Before. 

More Before.  Ok, stop staring!

Funny thing is, I wiped it down, cleaned it out, and organized it recently.  Then, in a post-grocery rage, I started shoving things around while cursing the slim freezer Gods.  I bought mint chip ice cream for St. Pat’s Day treats and stored it above the ice maker (where I believe we aren’t supposed to store anything, but I have no choice!) and because our freezer is on the fritz, it melted up there.  AUGH.  Look at the lovely drip.

So I was able to transfer some items to the upright and do some real organizing and I can’t even begin to tell you how good I feel.  Like I imagine this is how it feels after one runs a marathon.  Which I don’t plan on doing.  Ever.

And so here we have the after…

A bit better? 

I really cleaned it out and am also keeping far less in it than necessary because I’m afraid of the fluctuating temps.

I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders!  Ahhhh.

Now, anyone wanna share their pics?  Hmm?



  1. While my freezer(s) do not look like your before shots, I do have freezer-envy. You are a funny, funny girl!

  2. You dont wanna see my freezer..just saying..thinking of getting a new side by side for my tiny space eith icemaker and such in door. I have to have it plumbed though..

  3. My freezer totally looks like your before pics! It’s so hard to fit stuff in there…especially if you are doing any freezer cooking. I like the old style with the freezer on top of the fridge 🙂

  4. Looking good!! Mine looks just look your before pic. I am inspired. xoxo

  5. Don’t be alarmed but it looks like you have a frozen chihuahua in your top drawer.. on the right, towards the back. Defrost him slowly – he’s probably going to be a bit irritated. 🙂
    How do you like the TJoes House Whip? I saw it for the first time yesterday and was curious but my 18 month old was busy tearing into the package of mandarin oranges so I had to beeline for the registers before it started raining mini-oranges all over the freezer section.

    • HA! That cracked me up. Poor little thing. I like the TJs whip–it is more natural than Cool Whip (but I love Cool Whip, not gonna lie) and so it isn’t pure white, btw. But I dig the flavor!

  6. We JUST got a new french door fridge a few days ago with the freezer drawer on the bottom. I’ll have to let you know how I really like it in a few weeks…my current 37-weeks-pregnant status makes anything in the form of a “bottom drawer” difficult! However, I will say that so far I really like having the fridge on top…and it is so much bigger than our old one. Oh, and just shoot me if I ever have to go back to a slim side by side fridge!!! They’re awful! I about cried the first time I brought home a frozen pizza and the box wouldn’t fit in the freezer…what kind of freezer doesn’t accommodate a frozen pizza??!! Well anyway, I am so glad you have room now to spread your freezer filling wings!

    • Oh heavens to Betsy: not fitting a frozen pizza? Sacrilege! 🙂 I love the frozen pie crusts from Trader Joe’s and the box does NOT fit in my side-by-side. It annoys me to no end. But what do you think I bought and stuck right in my new freezer last week? Pie crusts! 🙂 37 weeks….I hope you’re sitting down. And not getting up all day!

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