St. Patrick’s Day: Clover Cupcakes

We made these simple St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes today and I thought I’d share with you.  When I was a teacher, I made these for my cutie pie students and forgot about them (the cupcakes, not the students) until last week.  They’re a cinch and I hope you have fun making them with your little ones!

First, bake up your favorite batch of cupcakes.  I made chocolate with chocolate frosting.  Then grab candy spearmint leaves.  Haven’t seen these before?  They’re gummy/chewy spearmint candy and usually on sale the week before St. Patrick’s Day.

While the cupcakes were baking, I rolled out the candy leaves.  I recommend sugaring the surface you’re working with.  Although the candies are lightly sugared, I add more sugar on top of them and throughout the rolling process.  You want them fairly thin, but not too thin that you can’t remove them from your work surface without ripping them.

Then with a small heart cookie cutter (I use a small metal cutter), cut hearts out of the candy.  Pinch the end of the hearts.  I then cut the tips a bit (the picture does not show them cut yet) so they look more like a clover leaf.  From the candy scraps, cut thin strips for the clover stems.

Frost your cupcakes then decorate with the candy.  Easy!  My Munchie Girl wanted to add sprinkles for grass. 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. These look like they would be fun to decorate! Hmm… I’m making a cheesecake on Sunday for our birthday. Can I rationalize baking cupcakes too? Probably not.
    You may have just given me an idea for Easter cupcakes, though. Thanks!

    Can you mail V and I a couple of those yummies? Please?

  2. You are awesome those are impressive!

  3. Super cute!!! My boys would love these….

  4. shoot! Adorable! I would love to roll out those leaves! It looks like fun! But I made some keylime cupcakes for a big church-shin-dig I’m putting on tonight so I’ll save this recipe for next year. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

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