St.Patrick’s Day: Handprint 4-Leaf Clover

Here’s an easy St. Patrick’s Day art project for those of you with kiddos.  All you need is green paint, a large sheet of paper, and a paintbrush.  I painted Munchkin’s hand with green paint and then she made the 4 handprints on a piece of yellow construction paper.  I’m kind of glad we were out of white because the yellow is fun for the holiday (although the lighting in these pictures is off).  Then Munchkin painted a stem.  She was too impatient to wait for the clover to dry before we dotted it with glue and sprinkled glitter all over it.

The glue will be less visible once it all dries.  Also, if you sprinkle the glitter when the paint is still very wet, you don’t need the glue!  Why am I shouting?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. I really appreciate when you pass on these crafts. I love it! What an adorable picture of Lise, too 🙂

  2. What child doesn’t love painting his or her body parts? What adult for that matter?
    We made a Christmas wreath last year using this same method, but I hadn’t even thought to make a shamrock.
    Great idea, Danielle. You rock!

  3. Was it a green dog? A green Horse Dog? (That line still makes me laugh.)

    I think Vi probably likes simpler more, because Mommy is more relaxed with simpler projects.

    The wine helps too. 😉

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