Canyon Cleanse

There are other things I should be doing like oh, I don’t know, showering.  Basic things.  We’re staying close to home today, recuperating from a couple of weeks packed with activities, parties, appointments, and playdates.  But I’m thinking about the nice hike through the canyon near our home on Sunday and how it refreshed me and readied me for a new week.

I’m not always thrilled when my husband announces on Sundays, “Let’s go!  We’re all going for a walk!”  I sometimes respond with, “You’re not the boss of me.”  I’m very mature like that.

Headed to the canyon.  Munchie suggested mommy wear matching shorts. Um, no one wants to see mommy in white biker shorts, hun.

I like my Sundays.  They’re commitment free; I clean, plan our meals for the week, do a lot of puttering around.  Not always in the mood for things like exercise and fresh air.  And, in my opinion, it should be raining in early March.  Not 85 degrees.  So I was a little crabby about that.  But after I begrudgingly laced up my running shoes while sighing loudly (anyone hear that? no? another louder sigh) and headed out that door, I felt my crabby mood leaving me instantly.  The warm sun felt good on my face.  Darn it.

Picking flowers along the way

We have arrived!

Searching for the perfect reed so daddy can help make a lizard catcher

Found one!  And now to concentrate and create…

Whee!  The catcher is complete, time to nab a lizard.  Unfortunately, they weren’t soaking up the sun today so we just practiced the noose on mommy’s fingers.

And tried to poke Duke with it.

Come on, slow pokes!  We’re almost to the park!

Singing and marching along

It ended up being a lovely day even with the fresh air in my lungs.  Sometimes having my husband boss me around is good for me.  Shh.



  1. Love.

  2. I never knew about this canyon until you mentioned it and I’m so jealous! I want to check it out but since I don’t know where to go I’m sure I will run into that mountain lion! Watch out, I may be stalking you next time (like Swiper behind a bush!). I’m happy that you got fresh air and feel renewed. (P.S. I WISH my hubs would declare walking times! I consider you lucky!)

    • Come with, always welcome to come with! And I’ll wear a bowlcut wig so that I’m playing my part as long as you wear the mask!

      • Also, I’d like to bring a knife with me on these hikes through the coyote/mountain lion areas, but hubs says no…this week he said, “you’re likely to see a rattlesnake instead. So calm down.” Calm down?! No, that does not calm me down.:)

  3. Love it! And I live those lizard catching nooses they really work!!!!

  4. I love that your canyon has big wide trails. Will you tell me where it is if I promise not to tell anyone? I also need to learn how to make lizard traps.

  5. I’m guessing you are in the States… Oh how I wish with all my heart to be fortunate enough to reside their one day with my family : )

    • Yep, I’m in the U.S. You wish to leave what I hear is such a beautiful place down under???

      • California to be exact:)

      • It has nice places but nothing on the grand scale like the US..You have been blessed to have been born their. I went to LA,San Fran & Vegas 4 yrs ago on my honeymoon. We didn’t just do the touristy thing. We went to see your beautiful homes & were amazed at how the cost of living was soo reasonable. Sydney, Australia has been classed as the most expensive place to live in the world & if you aren’t cashed up to the Hills then you struggle from day to day, unfortunately..

        • I was reading an article online a few weeks ago about the cost of living there! Boo. Ah yes, darn $. I’d love for California to be less costly, most would prefer it to be much more reasonable (costs vary greatly from area to area), but I think the buyer’s market is quite desirable right now! So…head on over! I’ll show you around:)

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