Week #11 Organized Home Challenge: How to Organize Bills

Here we go with week #11 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Your mission or challenge for this week is all about bill organization. Having a working system that leaves little room for late fees, lost paperwork, and clutter.

I like that these challenges piggyback off earlier weeks.  So although I should be done cleaning up my mail center, I’ll finish it up today and then move to the bill organization in the same area as my mail center.  Kind of like two birds with one stone.  Kind of.

Good luck with the challenge!  Do you enjoy seeing before and after pictures of these type of projects?



  1. This week’s organizing challenge is going to be relatively easy for me, since I’m already doing a lot of the things she talks about. 🙂
    Don’t worry — soon enough I will be a complete mess and you will be laughing at me.

    Before and after pictures? I love them! You. Should. Post. Some.

  2. I throw all bills in a basket so they r all in one spot and throw all junk mail and flyers in recyclable bin the inute it arrives. It works for the most part. Not brilliant but functional. Now if I could figure out THE ROOM 🙂

  3. I LOVE the before and after pictures! I actually love all your pictures! Everytime I open my hall closet your beautiful “after” photo flashes in my mind. Then I hurry and close the door and tell myself to stay focused on the task at hand 🙂 My problem is I don’t want bills and papers cluttering my kitchen but our spacious office is not an area I walk by and get reminded! I already set reminders on my phone to pay the bills that are due at odd times!


  1. […] The Organized Home Challenge has already addressed the mail center, organizing home files, and organizing bills so that should make it easier, but I use our office as a dumping ground.  If I don’t know […]

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