Week #10 Organized Home Challenge: Create a Home Mail Organizer Center

Yesterday I forgot to post this week’s challenge for Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  Better late than never!  The challenge for week 10 is to create a home mail organizer center.  I’m hoping this is an easy week for most of you because you probably have some version of a mail center in your home already.  Maybe you just need to clean it up or tweak your center a bit to reveal its full potential:)

Throughout 2012 I’ve attempted to rid my home of paper clutter (as well as all clutter, but paper clutter takes the cake here).  Much of this paper clutter ends up in our office where the mail center is.  Not good.  This week I think I will finally just tackle the mail center regardless of the state of the rest of the office.  Focus!

I’ve slacked with pictures on my decluttering progress and Organized Home Challenges so I will get back to pictures this week.  I hope you will share your progress (and pics?) as well!  And a shout out to the lovely Purple Pixie in Dixie who has joined the challenge and already kicking butt!  Go girl!



  1. Mail and paper organization a constant job good to keep it under control. I battle it too. KEEPING UP WITH IT IS THE KEY or so Ive found:-)


  1. […] dread it.  I should just tackle it.  The Organized Home Challenge has already addressed the mail center, organizing home files, and organizing bills so that should make it easier, but I use our office […]

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