Oh, Happy Day

Some people wanna fill the world with silly blog posts.  And what’s wrong with that?  I’d like to know.  I keep hearing this playing in my head to Mr. McCartney’s tune (Sorry, Mr. McC.  Sir McC.  Sorry to butcher your art).

Because although one might argue that all of my posts are silly, this one is pretty meaningless to anyone, but moi.  But hey…it’s my blog, right?

So anyway, today was a good day (name that song) for the following reasons:

1) I used the Deluxe Gopher II for its intended purpose!  Here is Annalise modeling it, but my husband bought it for me a couple of years ago when I had some major back issues and could barely stand, move, breathe.  This thing helped me pick up baby toys and put on my socks.

After I was back to moving around like a fairly normal person, I abandoned the intended uses for Deluxe Gopher Deux.  Instead, my preference has been to use it to pinch my husband’s ear while he’s engaged with his favorite tv shows or to snatch another cookie off a plate when using my arm to reach for said cookie is too much energy.  Alas!  Today I needed to retrieve a pair of shoes from behind munchkin’s dresser and Gopher was the only tool around that could do the job.  Don’t underestimate Deluxe Gopher II.

2) A friend made me this card for my birthday. I smile each time I open the fridge.  Yes, it is taking up precious real estate on the fridge.  And there it shall stay.

I’m sure my husband appreciates it.

3) We cut these cheese shapes for part of Annalise’s preschool class snack today.  They make me happy.  And they made her happier.

4) It’s gloomy and chilly out.  I love gloomy and chilly.  When people are hurrah-ing and making a beeline for the beach in 85 degree February weather, I am shriveling up and screeching like a vampire in the sun and doing rain dances in my living room.  Not today though.

5) I’m going to scrapbook 1 page today.  It is making me sweat to think about it.  I feel pressure (good pressure) and I’ve yet to begin.  But I did pick up these stamp markers today and I feel empowered.

These were quite the bargain.  Score!

6) My magazine pile is diminishing.  I don’t have a picture of it diminishing, but please take my word for it.  I had hundreds of magazines.  And now I just have a few dozen.  I hope to get those down to just about 20.  This is huge for me.  Huge.

7) I made a quick stop at World Market and with the promotional discount and a coupon, I got this adorable tin of Swedish gingersnaps for practically nothing!  I really just wanted the tin, but my little fam loves gingersnaps so everyone wins today.

8) And last, but most definitely not least:  My 3 year-old munchie was dancing with me today.  At the end of our dances we bow to one another. Today as she bowed she said with her best British accent, “That was my pleasure, sweet mama, and now I showerbath you with kisses.” And a barrage of kisses and hugs fell upon me.  I cried and hid my tears behind laughter.

And that’s why I had a Happy Day.



  1. I LOVE your Happy Day!! I want a showerbath of kisses!!

  2. This made my heart smile!!

  3. I love these kinds of posts and they will be the best memories for you! What a wonderful day! I had to laugh at your Deluxe Gopher II. We have 2 (one for upstairs and one for downstairs, naturally) courtesy of my dear mother-in-law. Only I’m sure they must be the generic version and they just sit there. Although your post makes me want to keep one in the laundry room to retrieve socks from behind the dryer! You are brilliant! Thanks also for leaving me with Mr. McC’s ditty in my head. Love it!

    • Thank you, Abby! Oh Mimi! She gives the coolest gifts (dancing flower in my kitchen)! Hey! I actually retrieved socks from between the washer and dryer last week with the Gopher…excellent use! I’ll try to put another ditty in your head soon!

  4. dearjes says:

    Happy especially to see your Deluxe Gopher 2 model. Such a doll face. Hope today is happy too!!

  5. I can’t believe Guke (Duke) put the shoes in question behind the dresser!! Good thing you had your Deluxe Gopher II to lend a hand!! XX

    • Oh Gukey..Standing up on his hind legs like a person, grabbing shoes with his paws and tossing them behind the dresser. He is such a talent, that dog.:) I wonder if the girls encouraged such behavior. He does seem to listen to them well:)

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