Our Menu (Week of February 26, 2012)

Cinnamon Swirl Flash Bread

Here’s our menu plan for the week.  I’m keeping it simple because I have some DIY and freezer cooking I’d like to squish into the week as well.  I’ll share any successes with you.  I also have a few simple recipes I’d like to share with you this week, too, like the cinnamon bread pictured above.  Stay tuned if you’re looking for easy and delicious recipes to add to your busy day menus.


  • Oatmeal with raisins and bananas x 2
  • Toast with jam, fruit salad, o.j.
  • Egg muffin sandwiches, fruit salad
  • Overnight oatmeal, o.j.
  • Breakfast burritos, smoothies
  • Cereal with bananas, smoothies


  • Leftovers x 3 plus fruit
  • Fruit smoothies with oats, pasta salad
  • Salad wraps with vinaigrette, berries
  • Chicken wraps, fruit smoothies
  • My mom’s noodle bowl (my fave and now my munchkin’s fave, too)


  • Pizza and salad for Oscars TV Night
  • Loaded potatoes, broccoli
  • Pork tenderloin, veggie tian, garlic angel hair pasta
  • Zucchini turkey bake, spinach salad, rice pilaf
  • Beef stew, parmesan knots
  • Leftovers Night x 2


  • Fruit: fruit salad (plan to make a huge bowl today and eat it for the next few days), bananas, apples, tangerines, pears.
  • Multi-grain crackers & Greek yogurt
  • Carrots, celery, cucumbers, dip
  • String cheese & graham crackers

What’s on your plan for the week?



  1. Sheri Lieber says:

    Can I come live at your house? Your menus sound amazing!

  2. How fun…a special Oscar night dinner! I might have to try that next year…well, if we actually manage to see any of the movies, that is! 🙂

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