In the mail

Here are some of the freebies I received in my mailbox over the last two weeks.  I’ve also pictured items I ordered online that were a steal of a deal and used Swagbucks to cover the cost of most of those items.

      • Saveur Magazine

      • Ski Magazine

      • Martha Stewart Living Magazine

      • Baby Talk Magazine

      • Family Fun Magazine

      • Working Mother Magazine

      • Crest White Strips sample

      • Herbal Essences Shampoo sample

      • P&G coupon booklet

      • John Frieda hair care samples

      • Prepared Pantry Holland Rich Dark Cocoa: This was 50% off and had such rave reviews, I had to try it.

      • Wilton 12-piece Cupcake Decorating Kit: This was on deep clearance on Amazon.  I snagged it with Swagbucks.

      • Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken Broth:  Another great sale on Amazon.  Though I prefer homemade broth and stock, I like to have a great brand on hand for back up.  There are 24 8-oz boxes.  Swagbucks covered much of the payment.

      •  Bob’s Red Mill Natural Raw Wheat Germ: How I love Amazon.  This 4-pack was a steal.  I add wheat germ to muffins, breads, oatmeal, smoothies, etc.

      • Don’t Make Me Come Up There! by Kristen Welch: This book is on my book list for the year so I grabbed it with Swagbucks when the price dropped.

What did you find in your mailbox this week?  Do you use Swagbucks?



  1. You are a rock star. I am your groupie. Or roadie. Which ever applies. Maybe both. Impressive.

  2. What are swagbucks?

    • Swagbucks is an online rewards site. You earn virtual currency by using their search system (like Google) randomly. Your points add up and you can “spend” them on giftcards, etc. I think the most popular redemption is Starbucks giftcards and Amazon cards. For every 450 points I earn, I buy a $5 Amazon giftcard. I love it. It’s not as great as Google as a search system, but a few times a day I usually earn 10-50 points per search.

  3. bills!!

  4. I have a friend on facebook who is always posting about swagbucks. Sometimes she wins stuff. Maybe I’ll go ahead and try it. You know, because YOU do it. And if YOU do it, then it must be cool. 😉

    • ha!!!! If only that were true:) I say do it! It doesn’t cost you anything and there isn’t really a catch. The only thing is sometimes if I’m really searching for something, I’ll do that on Google instead. But for things I go online for daily, etc. I use my Swagbucks toolbar. I love Amazon giftcards! I can send you a link to “tips” on Swagbucks if you like:) Just let me know.

  5. What are Swagbucks?? How are you getting these things for free??

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