Week #8 Organized Home Challenge: Healthy Meal Planning & Grocery List

Week 8 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge is getting into the habit of healthy meal planning and creating grocery list before hitting up the market.  I love this challenge because I can always use pointers and new tips when it comes to meal planning.  My planning system works for me (most of the time), but there are certainly areas I can tweak and adjust.

Do you have a system for meal planning or do you just play it by ear and see how your day/week is going before you get cookin’?



  1. I totally play it by ear. I’m actually quite a mess when it comes to meal planning. Half the time Violet and I eat over at my mom’s house… The other half of the time I start pondering what to make for dinner about an hour before dinnertime!
    I’ve known for a long time that becoming more organized about meal planning needs to get placed at the top of the priority list, especially since we’re only going to get busier as time goes on!
    I am going to check out what Week #8 on the challenge looks like. Wish me luck! 😉

    • Good luck to ya! Believe you me, I fall on and off my meal plan wagon all the time. I have to will myself to stick with it and make sure I plan a menu that is true to our week–if I just throw things on it that I want to make or am craving without considering the pantry, our schedule, etc. it alllll falls apart. I can email you some great tools to help you plan if you like!

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