Deliciously Organic: Buying Organic on a Budget

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I was chatting with a friend the other day about budgets and the ever-increasing price of groceries.  She has been considering purchasing some organic food items, but expressed concern over the especially high price of organic food.

I hear ya, sister.  While we aren’t a 100% organic household and I don’t necessarily aim for us to be one either, there are several organic food and household items I do buy regularly.  I agree that buying organic can be a budget-buster, but I will also say that there are many ways to cut the costs of “going organic.”

I recently saw this post over at Deliciously Organic and sent it to my friend.  A quick internet search will unveil a million tips and tricks for buying and transitioning to organic foods and products, but I think this post titled 15 Tips for Buying Organic, Real Food on a Budget is helpful for those who are tiptoeing into the organic world.  Each “tip” includes a link to more detailed information or organic recipes.  Definitely worth a peek if you’re on the fence about organic food.  I recommend wandering through just for fun, too–it’s filled with recipes and helpful tips about travel, workout gear, and more.

Are you an organic household?  What are your must-have-organic products?


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