DIY Project: Homemade hair detangler

When I discovered hair detangler last year, I knew instantly I’d be eternally grateful to Hair Product Developers of the World.  Trying to comb through my little girl’s head of curls each morning was no small feat.  Even if I brush it while giving her a bath, the morning is still no fun.  And I had no idea this gift from the Hair Gods even existed until that fateful day at Target.

Cut forward a month and I was going through detangler at a rate that was not making this mama too happy.  I don’t know why I decided to check the ingredients, but I did and I realized that the detangler is essentially watered down hair conditioner.  Interesting…and then not one, but two blogs I read posted about making homemade detangler.  Word.  Up.

And this is all you need to make your own detangler:

Yes: water, squirt bottle, and conditioner.  And since you only need a smidge or two of conditioner per bottle, I used up a sample I received in the mail.  How frugal of me.

You will need:

  • Warm water
  • About 1 to 2 tablespoons conditioner
  • Spray bottle (I used an 12 oz. bottle)


    • Squeeze the conditioner into the empty spray bottle and fill with warm water.  Shake bottle until mixed.  Spray on hair and brush through gently.  ahhh.

I’ll see how well I like it after using it a few times.  Also, I think I’d like to research a bit and use a conditioner I feel more comfortable leaving on my little girl’s hair.  Until I perfect the homemade version (get the right scent and the safest ingredients I can find), I’ll use this as a back-up when we run low on our store bought version.

DIY Project #1: Complete!



  1. I love DIY-ing all my household goodies. Thanks for this one!

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    You all know I love the DIY things around the house. I found this posting by cozycakescottage for DIY hair detangler. No more tears!

  3. Thank you for checking it out and reblogging it! I’d love to hear about your DIYs…I’m quite the newbie:)

  4. love it…I used to do this when I was in and out of the lake all the time because I my hair would get so dried out by using the watered down conditioner keeps your hair moist and healthy 🙂


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