My cash envelopes

I often get asked about my cash envelopes when I pull them out of my handbag so I thought I’d share them here.  Aren’t they sweet?

They stay shut because of a mini magnet sewn into them.

Which means they stack  and stay together–my idea of genius:)

I know crafty folks can make these, but I purchased mine from a lovely Etsy shop last year.  Allison of Divvy Up (formerly TresMarias) was such a pleasure to work with (like I did any work) and I had my envelopes just a few days after ordering them.  I highly recommend Divvy Up  if you’re sick of paper envelopes getting trashed in your purse or if you’re considering the cash envelope system.  I didn’t hate using paper envelopes, but I like pretty things and having these be cute, cozy, durable, and practical is a plus for me.

If you’re super crafty (and by super, I mean craftier than I am), Allison also sells her cash envelope pattern on Divvy Up.  She let me know that her shop is undergoing some changes so stay tuned for new items in her shop soon.  I suggest contacting Allison via her shop contact link if you’d like to chat about an order–as I said, she’s wonderful to work with.

Do you use some type of cash envelope system?  Or do you have your own similar system?



  1. These are great for a cash pay budget system. Keeps one from frivilous or impulsive buying. Well, maybe just saying:-)

  2. Cherie,for sure! I divvy up my monthly budget among the envelopes (usually…I fell off track over the holidays) and when it’s empty, it’s empty—no more spending until the next month!

  3. I love these!! will have to order some! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I have just started getting back to cash envelopes. I have the financial peace wallet that I has all the envelopes in it already…but I really like your envelopes. They are too cute!

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