Week #4 Organized Home Challenge: Organizing Refrigerator and Freezer

Whew, this is going by very quickly for me just like January has flown by!  How is it the 23rd already?

It’s week 4 of Home Storage Solutions 101’s Organized Home Challenge.  This week’s challenge remains in the kitchen: organization of your freezer and refrigerator.  I’ll admit I didn’t quite complete last week’s challenge, but I’ll tie up those loose ends tomorrow and no harm done:)

I like that each challenge offers storage solutions, tips, and ideas and this week’s challenge has two downloadable cheat sheets: one for refrigerated food storage guidelines and one for freezer storage times.

Reading through the challenge has me itching to get started this instant.  I try to clean and wipe down my fridge each week, but I’d love a deep clean.  Plus, my condiments are threatening to overtake the fridge real estate and it’s time to oust a few of those spacehogs.

Does your fridge or freezer need a little tlc?  Let me know how you’re doing!



  1. Geez! No matter how many times I try to clean up our fridge, it gets disorganize after a few days, so I’d go with putting up lists or posts in and outside the fridge and I’d totally follow you on the once a week schedule.


  1. […] this gift and beyond excited to begin organizing the house freezer (now I can really finish that organize fridge/freezer challenge!) which is too darn small and awkwardly designed to accommodate freezer cooking, grocery/meat […]

  2. […] is painful.  Very painful.  I never organized the freezer during week 4 of the Organized Home Challenge because I despise it so (and because it’s a brat and the temperature quickly rises when we […]

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