Cocoa no-no?

A few weeks ago I bought a bag of these marshmallows on clearance at good ol’ Target.

I couldn’t figure out why they were on clearance except that maybe they aren’t a big seller and the s’mores pic transports shoppers’ minds to summer campouts instead of steaming mugs of hot cocoa?  Oh well, a marshmallow is a marshmallow is a marshmallow, right?

Apparently not.

A nice gal saw me grab a bag and I smiled and said something about hot cocoa.  She said, “Those aren’t regular marshmallows.  They’re flat.”  I asked if they tasted differently than regular marshmallows and she just kind of stared at me like, “Duh.”  She replied, “No, but they’re not for hot chocolate.”

Confusion.   I scanned the bag for Marshmallow Rules and Regulations, but found nothing.  Huh.

I sensed her disappointment in me as she watched me toss a bag in my cart.  I was disappointed in myself.  But I didn’t know why.

Cut to today.  I have a need for hot cocoa on this Dog Friday and I remembered the Not for Hot Chocolate Flat Marshmallows.

I love how they fill up the mug and peek out.  Cute. They melt like regular mallows.  They taste like regular mallows.  Mystery unsolved.

 I don’t feel like I broke an unspoken marshmallow rule.  Do you?



  1. I’ve never seen those flat marshmallows, but I’d buy them, too–I like the different shape! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the support, nancyc 😉 I’d recommend them…for anything! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jennifer C says:

    If it looks like a marshmallow and it tastes like a marshmallow…glad it worked out for hot chocolate because why wouldn’t they?! I say it’s an excuse to use a large mug which means more hot cocoa!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly! Do you like the mug, missy?

  5. Thanks for letting me know you found your booklist/book. (Sounds like you might also like the “suggested books” books Honey for a Child’s Heart/Honey for a Woman’s Heart.)

    I was able to try those flat marshmallows this summer for free through Kraft First Taste. While they’re great for microwave s’mores, they actually don’t work that well for their touted purpose of outside s’more roasting: they don’t stay on the sticks very well.

    As for hot chocolate….depends on the mug, and the person. We cut our leftovers up into little bits to fit into the hot chocolate mug of the five-year-old: so much better to have 20-plus “tiny” marshmallows than just one or two big ones. 🙂

  6. JoannaTopazT,
    Noted: do not use flat marshmallows on sticks. 🙂 I bet your 5-year-old did love the 20 marshmallows:) My 3-year-old was impressed with the 3 giant flat ones I stuck in her mug, but I think that was mainly because they were so big. She has much more fun plopping a handful of mini ones in the cup by herself.

    I am definitely going to check out the Honey for a Child’s Heart/Woman’s Heart books. I appreciate the recommendation. Have a wonderful day!

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