A week in review…and food.

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I’ve been looking forward to the new year.  As much as I adore the holidays, as soon as they were over, I felt relieved, ready to clean and welcome 2012.  This past week and weekend was filled with activities, but I never felt stressed or over-extended.  I dig days like this.

Maybe I was having too much fun not feeling frazzled from the holiday season, but I realized this morning that I never posted our menu plan for the week.  oops!  I had hoped to test out a few new slow cooker recipes this week, but I failed to do so.  I’m not beating myself up about it.  Instead, I’ll try them out next week and  I’ll share the hits and misses with you.  Hope I find a winner among them.

My best friend was visiting late last week into the weekend and we started the good times together the way we always do.  Necessary fun.

Doo doo doo doo doo DOO dum! (That’s the music…say it out loud and you’ll hear it.)  According to the guys at Radio Shack, this is “vintage” and they were quite surprised that my husband (who was attempting to find a part to fix the machine) said we almost sold it at a family garage sale for ten bucks.  “This is worth far more than TEN bucks!”  Ha!  Who knew?

Food is always a focus during Jennifer’s visits and this time we kept it simple.  We always have a little croque madame breakfast together because we like to pretend our high school French paid off.

Soixante-six!  Quelle heure est-il?  Où est le marché?  Je suis allé à la bibliothèque et la boulangerie aujourd’hui.


Our favorite French breakfast spot closed (boo) so we hit up another place.  No croque madame on the menu, but they did have a croque monsieur sandwich.

Sure, I’ll take fries with that.  It is almost lunchtime after all.  That’s what I said to myself to feel better about my choice.  It worked.

Because of Jennifer’s heritage (woo!), we chose to have some quick ramen before shopping one day.  With Jennifer as my guide, I chose a chashu shio ramen bowl.  It hit the spot.

Jennifer had a spicy chashu miso ramen bowl.

We broke out the ebelskiver pan one morning to be sure we had something doughy during her visit.  Because we can.

A little butter to help them sizzle up perfectly.

While cooking up the bacon (yes, bacon) Jennifer popped one of these bad boys into her mouth whole.  Probably to avoid getting powdered sugar all over the place.  Likely to keep the blackberry filling from squirting onto her shirt.  Maybe to keep focused on her bacon frying job.  Doesn’t matter.  It is another reason why she’s my best bud.  No putting on dainty airs.

We filled the ebelskiver with my mother-in-law’s homemade blackberry jam (the very best in the west…and east, I’ll go so far to say). Then we filled a few with apple butter (not great…needs to be ooey-er and gooey-er to use it inside these pancake delights) and a few with Nutella (always reliable, that Nutella). We tossed the bacon on the side for a little savory:)

I did consume a large salad over the weekend in an attempt to offset the other good stuff. 🙂

We also took my little one on her first bowling adventure.  Saying she liked it is an understatement.

She literally jumped for joy and I can’t wait to take her again.  Thanks for the fun idea and for joining us, Jennifer!

Back to the food.

A couple of nights ago my friend Lauren stopped by for dinner and chit-chat.  We had this chicken penne bake for dinner.  Arteries beware.

Chicken, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes are dotted throughout and it was rich and over-the-top…definitely something we will only have once in a while.  With garlic bread and a vegetable side, it was very much a comfort meal for a brisk evening (which we are finally experiencing again!  How novel: cold weather in winter).

I need to food detox.  I’m actually not kidding.  But more on that later.

We had a mommies and daughters date at the coffee shop yesterday with our sweet friends.  I’ll leave you with this shot of the little ones I was able to snap.  aww.

Here’s to another relaxing and fun-filled weekend.  Cheers!



  1. Catching up on your blog, Miss D, and I love every word. I love the stories about Miss A. She is obviously just as witty as her, Momma!! Keep ’em coming, missy 😉

  2. Please make me some ebelskiver.

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