Mailbox Freebies

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my day.  A hug and kiss from my little girl.  A funny text from a dear friend.  A doughnut.

Lately, the “little thing” has been my mailbox overflowing with freebies.

Glorious, mini (and sometimes full-size!) freebies!  I’ve slacked the past several weeks when it comes to signing up for freebies, but that’s okay because this week I had a freebie or two in my mailbox daily.  Giddiness:)

Here’s most of what I’ve received in my mailbox over the last two weeks.  Not too shabby.

  • Shape Magazine (boy do I need this)

  • Saveur Magazine (boy do I not need this, but I love it)

  • Ski Magazine (didn’t sign up for this so will pass it along to a friend)

  •  Dove deodorant, full size (wanted to test this out, so perfect timing)

  • Organic Valley activity book, bumper sticker (ha!), recipe pamphlet, and a slew of high value coupons (love dairy coupons–always a bonus when I can save a little on dairy products which we consume like starving beasts)

  • $2 off Tide coupon (our brand of choice)

  • Woolite extra dark sample and $3 off coupon

  • Pillsbury 2012 calendar (I nabbed this with the hope there would be some recipes…there are:)  I love to find recipes in this type of publication and then experiment and fix it up for my family’s tastes)

  • Olay Professional ProX refining mask & complexion renewing lotion (using it tonight)

  • Pond’s wet cleansing towelettes, “Evening Soothe with chamomile & white tea” (ahhh)

  • Amlactin body lotion samples and $3.50 coupon (my dad says this is the lotion for dry skin…and my feet are begging me for a miracle right now)

  • IcyHot Naturals sample

  • Eucerin face and body lotion samples

  • L’Oreal Youth Code day/night cream sample

  • Dove hair care & nourishing oil care samples (okay, noticing a trend here…I suppose I signed up for all these with expectations of fountain of youth-type results)

  • Frizz-Ease samples (a fave)

  • TRESemme shampoo & conditioner samples

Whew.  That’s a lot of samples.  And I’ll use them.  I like to toss them in my beauty bag for short trips so I don’t have to pack large bottles or check my small suitcase.  But mostly I like to receive them to test out products before I buy them.  Nothing irks me more (ok, exaggeration, lots of things irk me more) than wasting money on health and beauty products that I end up hating.  I welcome freebies with open arms.  Not to mention, if I do like the product, the sample usually comes with a high value coupon and that’s what I’m really looking for when I open the package.

Share your freebie stories in the comments if you’re also a Freebie Lovin’ Lass.  Love to see what was waiting for you in your mailbox this week.



  1. Angie Parker says:

    I signed up for the freebies when I was pregnant with Emma!! It’s so exciting each time one arrives in the mail. Your photo has motivated me to start signing up for these again:)

  2. Angie Parker says:

    Where did you find the Organic Valley Coupons? We purchase some Organic Valley items at Wholefoods, and I would love some coupons. Organic food is so expensive!

  3. A fellow freebie-er! Sometimes I forget to sign up, but I’ve made it a point to jump on any freebies that come my way this year:) I can’t remember what I signed up for to get the Organic Valley coupons, but it was online. If I see another offer come up, I’ll be sure to let you know asap. Thanks for stopping by, Angie!

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