Week 1 of Organized Home Challenge: Complete!

Yesterday I completed week 1 of the Organized Home Challenge.  I’m feeling pretty darn good right now.

Week 1 was  Kitchen Organization: Countertops and Sink.  Not a terribly difficult task (heck, kind of easy actually, but it’s an important step, nonetheless!), but it is complete and I’m patting myself on the back. pat pat.

The Reveal:

This is part of the decluttered kitchen.  Ah.  Feels good just looking at the picture.

Except that my kitchen table and the surrounding area is covered with Christmas decor I have yet to pack up and store.  No, I will not post a picture of it so stop asking.  Let’s focus on the good stuff today.  That means don’t look at the corner of the floor and note that I took the picture before I did my daily vacuuming of dog hair and cookie crumbs.

How did you do with your 1st challenge?  I’d love hear about your progress…begging you to share and keep me motivated as well:)

If you’re interested in joining me in this home organization challenge, please feel free to read about it here.  And don’t forget to visit Home Storage Solutions 101 to read all about the challenges and get a peek into what next week will have in store.

Good luck!


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