My coconut oil adventure begins

I’ve wanted to test out coconut oil in my home for some time now.  My delay and hesitancy in actually buying it is related to the relatively high price of quality brands.  Though I am very willing to pay a higher price for healthy products, I just couldn’t bring myself to “test” the product at a budget-busting price.

This morning, however, I found Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on sale for a great price on Amazon (oh Amazon, you have yet to disappoint me).  I’ve been waiting for this particular brand’s price to drop so that I’m more comfortable testing this out in my cooking.  By using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option plus a coupon, I purchased two 15-oz tubs for only $6.75 each.  Not bad at all.

Some of the qualities that draw me to coconut oil are that you can buy it unhydrogenated, unbleached, and chemical-free.  In addition, it’s full of medium-chain “good fats”, and is trans fat-free.  I do not like to jump on food trend bandwagons and coconut oil has risen in popularity lately.  However, my concern for my family’s health with regard to cholesterol, heart health, weight gain, diabetes, and other health factors led me to research coconut oil the past few months and I’m hoping that my experience with it parallels the positive findings on coconut oil.

I will continue to share my coconut oil adventure with you upon its anticipated arrival at my front door.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your experiences with the coconut oil especially any recipes you like to use it in.



  1. I USE COCONUT OIL! Nutiva is the best brand. You got a good price. It is healthier but will not help you retain your youth, I can attest. It DOES taste vaguely of coconut, and is good on its own too (go ahead, try it with a teaspoon…it’s kind of good! But then don’t tell anyone because it sounds like a gross thing to do.).

    I use it:
    – on pancakes, waffles, scones — instead of butter. Makes them taste a bit like macaroons.
    – when cooking mashed sweet potatoes.
    – in baking instead of using oil (for cakes, etc) — it melts quickly and easily so you can use it in solid or liquid form (beware: in summer it is liquid most of the time and you will be freaked out but then it returns to its solid state when the temperature cools down).

    Do not use it on:
    – broccoli. I tried this and my family nearly abolished my membership.

    Basically, it’s good with things that are on the sweet side, not so great with savory. Enjoy!

  2. YAY! So glad to hear about your coconut experience! I am definitely going to try it on pancakes, waffles, and scones (btw, does Sacha like devonshire/clotted cream? Bc I do and I wonder if only crazy Americans like it or is it authentic? Or am I eating/making what is the Starbucks of said cream and will be laughed out of the UK?).

    I will also sample a teaspoon of it. That seems normal to me. Like a police detective on a tv show samples the substance in the baggie by licking a bit off his pinky to see if it’s legit. Right?

    We are huge broc fans in this household so I will take your advice and NOT use it on broccoli. And I’m a little saddened that it won’t work on my aging skin…how about the dark circles under my eyes?

  3. Angie Parker says:

    I love using raw and organic coconut oil in smoothies or to grease the pan when I bake something. I have done so much research on the benefits, and I justify the cost of it because of its benefits as I do all of the organic foods that I purchase. Nutiva is an excellent brand, and they also have good protein shakes that I mix with the coconut oil in my morning smoothies.

  4. Thanks for the tips, Angie! I completely agree about the cost vs benefits. Since it’s hard to come by sales/coupons for the organic brands we like, I love finding a deal like I did on Amazon (only the day after my purchase, the price dropped another dollar…argh. 🙂 I’ll have to try that shake (like I need more protein…)!


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